Dealing With Disciplining Children

VIDEO: Learning how to work together to raise children can be challenging. One person feels the other is too easy or hard on the child. Another person wants to execute disciplinary actions like a military maven and the other feels the children will be worse off with that kind of disciplining. Throw in previous children from another marriage who don’t necessarily fully (legally) belong to both persons in the marriage and the situation becomes even more complex. Listen in as we answer the question of a viewer who asks how to deal with disciplining with a partner who has a different background, upbringing, and philosophy than herself…..and they are a blended family. This is tough stuff but it’s definitely do-able.

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  1. Eric R.
    Eric R. says:

    I like you guys chemistry. Keep up the goodwork. I'm of the philosophy spare the rod spoil the child. My wife has a different approach. She keeps me from flying down the steps with a belt everytime I hear a pin drop or a raised voice LOL

  2. Kandi
    Kandi says:

    Excellent Excellent Excellent advice. My hubby and I have had to manage our differnt approaches to child rearing. We have learned that communication is key as work through our differences.

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