Fellas Pay Attention! Women Love Assertive Men–NOT Passive Men, NOT Agressive Men–ASSERTIVE Men

By Vanae

I believe there are generally three types of guys:

1) Passive 2) Assertive 3) Aggressive (i.e., a**holes…let’s be real)

WE DON’T dig a**holes (no pun intended..or is that really a pun?). We want REAL MEN! Individuals who are assertive, confident, strong (inner and outer), communicative, gentlemanly, exciting, unpredictable and make women feel wanted!

What we DON’T want (just as men wouldn’t either):

To be disrespected, smothered, overpowered, or mistreated.

Quality women know how to identify REAL MEN from A**HOLES. And if she’s truly dating an a**hole, then she’s probably not the person you want to date in the first place. Look, nice/passive guys don’t necessarily finish last..but assertive guys definitely finish before them. That’s because these men go for what they want.

So the real question is: How do you become more assertive?(This applies to men & women.)

1. Know your strengths

Spend time reflecting on what your strengths are and present those qualities.

2. Live it up!

The more passionate you are..the more traveled.. the more rounded you are, the more you’ll naturally have to talk about. You’ll come off as interesting and bound to have good conversations.

3. Follow through

If you think, feel, or plan something…make sure you complete it! No half-assed-ness!

4. Keep it light…enjoy yourself

Don’t sabotage yourself with lots of pressure. Think of it as meeting a new friend and keep it light. If it goes well, then great. If it doesn’t, no sweat off your back.

5. Say NO!

No need to always agree or give in because you think that’s what he/she wants.

6. Take charge!

How is a female supposed to know that you’re interested if you don’t flirt with her and ask her out? She might be feeling the same!

7. Be true to yourself

Why mold yourself into someone you’re not? Be genuine and make decisions based on your gut feelings.

BLAM Fam,what are some of your tips that work well? Folks wanna know!

Vanae is a dating & relationship coach, v/blogger, ice cream lover, non-profit founder, & creator of exponential goodness. Her motto is Carpe Diem (Seize the day!) Visit her at Vanae.com