Learn The Lesson And Keep It Moving

VIDEO: I was once told “Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb….because that’s where the fruit is”. Sometimes the fruit is bitter…and sometimes the fruit is sweet….but you will never know unless you move outside of your comfort zone, extend your arm and REACH for it. When you reach for what you want you strengthen the muscle of persistence and that’s a good thing. Oftentimes, you end up grabbing hold of more than you expected. It may be sweet….it may be incredibly sour….whatever it is—it’s always best to LEARN THE LESSON AND KEEP IT MOVING! Here, I share a personal story and lesson that I recently learned. Did it hurt my feelings a bit….yeah. Did it destroy my resolve to keep pushing towards my goals and dreams….No! I just have to Stop Playing and Start Pushing. Bottom Line.

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  1. Aiyana
    Aiyana says:

    @ Wordna & D. Horne
    Thanks so much for your words and for feeling me! It felt good to get this off my chest and it feels even better to hear the both of you say…”I’ve been there” So appreciated…
    .-= Aiyana´s last blog ..Relationships Rule The World =-.

  2. D. Horne
    D. Horne says:

    i'm sorry u didnt get it. But this is a lesson that i must learn to and for that not to happen to me i'm take this lesson as my own as well.

  3. Wordna
    Wordna says:

    What a courageous confession! I too have been a habitual procrastinator most of my life even when it comes to things I am passionate about so I completely understand your experience. I’m sure that God has a different path for you to take to get to where you want to be and you will be that much more prepared now having learned this lesson. And because of your openness, I feel like I’ve gotten some knowledge and will certainly keep your experience and wise words in mind as I start law school in a month!

    Take care,

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