Gratitude Challenge Day 2: Get A Gratitude Rock & See What Happens

By Team BLAM

Do you remember what some folks used to do when we were little and they wanted to remember something very important? They would tie a string around their finger and keep that string on their finger all day long so they wouldn’t forget that special something.

Well, today is Day 2 of our Gratitude Challenge and we are going to do something very similar. We—meaning me (Aiyana), my husband, and my entire family (when they get home from school today) are going to go outside and find a rock—any rock that stands out to us and we’re going to call it our gratitude rock.

So, that means you are too right? Lol.

For the rest of this week you are to keep that gratitude rock in your pocket (or purse or close by if you don’t have a pocket) and throughout the day you should reach in to your pocket and feel the rock to remind you to be grateful. You should do this at least three times a day. Especially, when you are feeling irritated, upset, or just a plain ol’ mess! That’s when you should get that gratitude rock out and say out loud at least one thing you are grateful for.

You may be thinking this is so simple—and you are right, it is. Changing and elevating our minds is never complicated. We are the ones who make things complicated.  So, do it and watch how the simple and small things radically shift your mind and your matters.

Trust me it works! #Grateful!



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  1. Elliot
    Elliot says:

    great idea. I am grateful for the work that yall are doing.

  2. Bhling
    Bhling says:

    Lovely post. I am sure this will interest a lot of people here…
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  3. Sharice
    Sharice says:

    I will take the kids out to grab a rock this evening too. Hopefully they won't try and throw them at each other. lol

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