Guilty Of Falling In Love Too Fast? 7 Signs That Say Yes.

We never encourage anybody to dive headfirst into a relationship while throwing caution to the wind. That is a recipe for disaster.  Unfortunately when it comes to matters of the heart people confuse lust with love and dive….only to regrettably find themselves dismayed or broken hearted.  The below article from AolBlackVoices looks at 7 signs that say you’re moving WAAAYYYYY to fast.  Read them, take notes, and ultimately take care of your heart.

by Shirea L. Carroll

1. You’ve said “I know it’s been ___ days/weeks, but I feel like it’s been forever.”

Time does fly when you’re having fun, but real and deep love takes time to foster. Slow down!

2. You’ve moved the relationship to the next level and you haven’t introduced him/her to your family or friends.

Do you really expect to inform everyone about your ring and your man/lady at the same time?

3. When someone asks you to talk about them you begin with, “I think I have met my husband/wife.”

Chile, it’ll be ex-husband/wife if you don’t slow down.

4. Everyone is telling you that you are moving way too fast.

If your close friends or family — the people who know you best — think you’re rushing into things, they just may be on to something. Listen to the people you trust the most, they have your best interest in mind.

5. You fell in love over a vacation.

Although the time spent was unforgettable, it is usually short lived. We all know what happened to Terry McMillan…

6. You don’t know his/her middle name, but you’ve already talked about moving in together.

If you don’t know the basic facts about the person, they what makes you think you’re ready to join your worlds? You could be looking for apartments and be completely unaware of the fact that she uses five different aliases in three other states.

7. You talk to each other and start every convo with, “I never felt this way about anyone.”

BLAM Fam..have you ever found yourself moving too fast in your relationships?  Do any of these signs look familiar?

Shirea L. Carroll, is a published journalist who has written for Essence, VIBE, Washington Post’s, XXL’s Juicy, and AOL. Reporting on everything from music and entertainment to celebrity and love, she’s interviewed some of today’s biggest celebrity names. Find the NJ native on her blog Invite Only, or follow her on Twitter @InviteOnly to find out “who is and isn’t invited.”