Happy 39 Year Anniversary To My Incredible Parents

By Ayize Ma’at

It’s uncommon now a days to see or hear of couples that have been married for more than 25 years.  I truly consider myself to be one of the fortunate few because I’ve had the pleasure of intimately knowing and experiencing a couple who’s nuptials have far exceeded the quarter century mark.  That couple I’m referring to is my parents, Ray and Sharon Morton.  Tomorrow is their 39 year wedding anniversary.  Happy Anniversary Mommy and Daddy : )

For my entire life I have known the value of growing up in a two parent household.  I didn’t always respect, acknowledge, or even consciously understand the value of having them both present but there was always this air of comfort, security, and abiding love present that has formed the foundation of who I am today.

Trust and believe I’m not the disillusioned type to sit here and romanticize my experiences growing up.  I think it’s impossible to go through life without picking up some bags filled with issues from childhood.  Many of us spend the rest of our lives unpacking, throwing away, burning, replacing, or even just staring at those damn bags.  I am no exception.

However, today is not the day to talk about the drama.  Today is a day to celebrate and give thanks because tomorrow is my parents 39th wedding anniversary.  There are two things that I’ve directly experienced while being in relationship with my parents over the past 35 years that have shaped me into the man I am today.

From my mom I’ve learned compassion.  My mom is sooooo accommodating, oft at the detriment of taking care of herself.  She’s a very caring person who feels her way in life.  My mom is warm and full of love.  My mom will ask you if you want something to eat when you come in the house.  My mom is always doing for the elderly.  My mom is fanatical about Jesus. LOL.  My mom will sit and talk with you and really wants to know how you’re doing.  Just to illustrate the type of mom I have….we’ve got this family birthday tradition we do all because of her.  When I was young, whenever it was anybody’s birthday my mom would put up hand written signs and hand drawn pictures through out the house with affirming messages to make you feel good about it being your special day.  We now do it in the Ma’at household and it’s probably a tradition that our children will continue as they get older.  It doesn’t take much….pen, paper, and a compassionate heart to go beyond yourself and make somebody else feel special.  Thank you Mommy for teaching me compassion.

From my dad I learned consistency.  My dad was and still is that dude that you can call if you need something at anytime and he’s “got you”.  My dad was that dude who went out hours out of his way to pick up other peoples children to take them to boys and girls club basketball practice.  My dad is that dude who says family first no matter what.  My dad is that dude who told me years ago that his wife, my mom, is his best friend.  My dad is that dude who just last week, when I was over my parents house having some convo with my mom,  walked through the front door after coming home from work and walked straight over to my mom interrupted our conversation and gave her a kiss on the lips.  My dad has always been there for my mom.  My dad has always been there for me and my two brothers.  Because of that example, that blueprint, I will always be there for my wife and children.  Thank you Daddy for teaching me consistency.

What my parents have is impressive and inspirational.  Because of what I see in them and in their marriage I know what’s possible.  Mommy and Daddy thank you for being my blueprint.  We (me, daughter-in-law, and grand babies) wish you a happy happy happy Anniversary.




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  1. George
    George says:

    Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Morton. I'm wishing you another 39 years of marital bliss.

  2. SJM
    SJM says:

    I love hearing this. You are truly blessed to have that foundation laid for you. I know the feeling. My parents have been married to 42 years and I am proud! It is a rarity. May God continue to bless your parent's union. Happy Anniversary!

    • SJM
      SJM says:

      I meant "for" 42 years.

  3. K.O.
    K.O. says:

    The wedding picture of your parents look like you and Aiyana! Love it!!!

  4. Derrick
    Derrick says:

    Ayize you are truly blessed to have grown up with such a good example. Honor your parents. Cherish your parents. You are blessed.

  5. Sunshine
    Sunshine says:

    I love the Fro : ) Happy Anniversary yall

  6. Cynthia
    Cynthia says:

    Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Morton. I'm wishing you many many more.

  7. Amber
    Amber says:

    Ayize you look just like your handsome Daddy. Your mom is beautiful…i can see why you picked Aiyana.

    • Tamisha
      Tamisha says:

      Lol I was just thinking that Aiyana kind of favors his mother. That is so beautiful.

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