Have Fun With Your Kids While You Can: Remember, You’re Creating The Memories They Will Have As Adults

By Kadence Buchanan

It’s time to stop hearing that phrase “I am bored”. Although some days it looks like you have no energy left to devote to your kids , it is important for you to remember that these are the times that they will later cherish in their memory and you will be glad you had a chance to experience a variety of things with them. Having fun is not that difficult. Just get off the couch and open the door to excitement.

Spending some quality time with your children does not only help them build a better relationship with you, it does also offer to you the opportunity to examine how your kids feel to be able to smile to something else than that TV set they are usually watching. One interesting idea is for you to invest in buying a trampoline. If you have a garden or a park nearby, trampolines are always fun to play with regardless of the kids’ age. Burning calories and having fun can be combined through this exciting outdoor activity and if you have a video-camera prepare to film your kids’ movements up on the air.

Another interesting idea to have fun and spend time with your beloved ones is to go fishing, or experience the sea by experimenting with a variety of water-sports. Since you know that children always enjoy splashing around in the bathtub why not see them do whatever they want in the pool of your local water resort? If you budget can handle the expense, there is always the solution of investing in an above-ground pool that is big enough to fit both you and your kids. Balls, rubber toys, boats, can be added to the scene and your kids will look at you with excitement every time you mention that it is bath-time again!

If summer is approaching and you have no time available to take the kids off to that destination you believe they would enjoy while schools are on a break, consider the solution of a summer camp. Experienced professionals offer a variety of activities and your kids will feel that this adventure belongs only to them. Even if you are not willing to let your children summer camp overnight, you can always select a day camp and pick them up by sunset. Of course, you can go fly a kite, play soccer, baseball, football or any sport they like with them. Kids love to run around, why not let them test their talents and have fun at the same time? Physical activity is strongly advised by experts and children should be outdoors as often as possible and experience life as they should.

When the rainy days come, you can have your kids help you out in the kitchen. Teach them to make their favorite chocolate cake, bake cookies or cook that dinner you are planning for grandpa and grandma. Imagine their faces when they will announce to their grandparents that this meal is the outcome of their efforts. Although you are now thinking of the mess you will have later to clean, it is certainly more enjoyable to prepare a meal with them than to have them play a video-game all day.

Also, you can organize a dress up contest and have the winner do something next week that he or she wants. Old pillow cases, overused towels or unused blankets can become the dress-code of your kids’ dinner party and you will be glad you decided to stay in and enjoy that “beautiful day in the indoor park” with them. Imagine, create, and experience the life you will later remember with nostalgia. Kids eventually grow up and it will be difficult for you to chase them over the bed or let them jump up and down the couch! Act now and be sure that your children will cherish the time that you spend with them for a lifetime.

Kadence Buchanan is a freelance writer who writes articles on many topics including Family, Recreation, Food, and Outdoors.

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