How To Decode His Body Language On The First Date

By Tyomi Morgan

When it comes to understanding men, women often miss the mark.  We famously know them for not being the most vocal when it comes to their true feelings, especially in the “getting to know you” stages of a relationship.  Verbal communication may be limited, but it’s those tiny gestures that contain no words that are often unconsciously done that can speak volumes.

Body language reveals a lot about a person’s true feelings and intentions, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to decipher the code.  Here are a few body language signs performed by men that will help you make the decision to either invest time or move on to the next to avoid being played.

Watch for these body language signals during the first encounter or first date.

If he is into you:

  • He will keep strong eye contact.
  • He will smirk at you (meaning smile from the corner of his mouth).
  • His nostrils will fair at some point in the conversation
  • He will tilt his head slightly when he looks at you.
  • His chest will be pointed at you (men point their chest to the most important thing in the room).

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