How To Maintain The Passion In Your Relationship

It amazes me how soooo many couples get stuck in the roommate/friendship phase of a relationship after they’ve spent time in the wildly romantic and intimacy phase of their relationship.  It’s almost like there is this unspoken rule that the two can’t co-exist.  You can’t be friends and lovers.  You can’t be married and passionate.  Really?

Our relationship is an example that it’s very possible to maintain the passion in your relationship after you’ve been together for a long time.  Check out the 4 tips below.  See if there’s something you may want to incorporate in your relationship so you can keep the passion alive too.

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1) Novelty. You’ve probably seen a few lists of “creative things to do on a date”.  Spice it up, they say. Think out of the box. Getting us out of routine is beneficial because it’s a change of pace and provides excellent conversation triggers. All in all, doing something different creates a special kind of bonding because it’s a unique experience which only the two of you share alone.

2) Fun. Enjoyment, amusement – those are the definitions of fun. There are so many serious topics to discuss as couples – emotionally, financially, logistically. Taking time out just for pure fun serves as a rejuvenating force and provides a needed balance to the more serious aspects of our lives.

3) Relaxation.  How much closer can we feel when we’re not stressed out? We want a partner with whom we can wind down, feel comfortable, and let go of the pressures of daily life. We connect more honestly when we’re relaxed together.

4) Vulnerability.  Everyone knows that a relationship only becomes deeper when both partners make themselves vulnerable to each other. But what many couples don’t realize is that this is true for the entire lifespan of the relationship. Continually taking risks by opening ourselves up with our partners is one of the best ways to maintain a secure, long-lasting relationship.

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