How To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Last

By Ron Hubbard

Having a long distance relationship can be interesting. There are two main types of long distance relationships. There are those in a relationship, but they just happen to have to live apart for various reasons after they’ve lived close by each other. The long term goal is to keep the relationship alive and well until they can reunite. Then, there are those couples that live far apart, and they fall in love even though they have distance. These couples have to build on that love and make it work out even though there may be distance for a long time to come. No matter what the case is, if you have an honest, open relationship and can communicate with one another, you can always make long distance relationships work.

You must establish the terms of your relationship in the beginning. Talk to your partner about what your expectations are and find out what the reality will be. Discuss how and how often you will communicate, and how often you’ll see each other. Decide how you are going to visit each other who will pay for what. Next, make sure you’re on the same page about whether you’re in a monogamous or open relationship.


Saying I love you can be done in millions of ways, and you should take advantage of this. Text it, phone it, write it, you name it, do it. It might not hurt to get a little sexy either. Also be sure to send gifts – a box filled with your partner’s favorite sweets or surprises are always an amazing way to keep a relationship alive.


When you and your partner are apart, it’s always good to encourage each other every single day. When you are apart, you don’t get to feel that hug, squeeze of the hand, or goodbye kiss that most couples enjoy. Think of your partner and what they may be going through. Pick up the phone, send an email or just reach out and tell them that you are thinking of them. Wish them good luck on a job interview or congratulate them on a recent promotion. Be as verbal as you can be with your partner and encourage each other all the time.

Keep Busy

Instead of worrying about when your phone will ring, stay busy. This will really benefit your relationship. Do things you enjoy and then share them with your partner when you are reunited. In fact, I suggest throwing yourself into work, hobbies, charity, whatever it is you do when you’re separated, so that when you’re together, it’s that much more special. Furthermore, you can make sure you never have to work while you’re supposed to be spending quality time together!

Being in a long distance couple can seem to be tough, but with good communication skills and some understanding, you can make any distance work!

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