Are You Prepared For Married Life?

So, what do you do to prepare for marriage anyway? When you fall in love and spend almost all of your time with your boo you feel like you’re a perfect fit. You know them better than they know themselves…or so you think. Please don’t get it twisted. No matter how you look at it There Is A Difference Between Being Married & Being Boyfriend/Girlfriend. Jennifer Erchul over at gives a few quick tips on How To Prepare For Married Life. Check them out below.

1: Consider your current maturity and that of your partner. If you tend to party hard, fight over petty issues and break up just to get back together again, you need to grow up. Being married isn’t always a party. For a solid marriage to be a positive commitment for both parties, you need to understand the art of compromise and forgiveness and understand there will be moments of extreme frustration and anger. Learn how to manage these issues within yourself and your relationship before your wedding day.

2: Discuss your finances. Figure out how you will manage them as a married couple. Put financial goals in place, pay off debts and decide how your money will be shared or separated. Talk about spending habits, savings plans, future purchases and acceptable spending.

3: Attend pre-marriage counseling classes. These often discuss marriage roles, expectations and adult responsibilities. The classes teach healthy ways to disagree, methods for fair fighting and positive ways to communicate with your spouse. Some of these include learning how to apologize and not blame your partner for your emotions or thoughts; not assuming anything, like your partner’s emotional state or belief; figuring out ways to deal with the problem or concern and not criticizing your partner in the process and staying on the issue and not dredging up past arguments or concerns.

4: Live with a roommate for at least six months. You will see how differently people keep house, do dishes and tidy up. You’ll learn to deal with different personalities, schedules and ways of living.

5: Talk to married couples. Ask them what they love about married life. Find out what’s difficult about being married. Find out what their struggles are and how they overcome them as a couple. Learn ways to keep married life fun and exciting. Get tips on how to keep the romance alive.

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