I’m Turned On By The Thought Of My Husband Cheating On Me

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Do you know any kinky couples? Well let us introduce you to the couple asking this question. We understand that there are all sorts of fetishes when it comes to sexual exploration however some fetishes can be unhealthy….especially if they are entered into from a space of emotional instability. The wife asking this question is turned on by the thought of having a threesome with a girl her husband was secretly having an internet affair with. Listen in and let us know what you think.

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  1. Myra Williams
    Myra Williams says:

    Have you seen "Chloe," yet? It came out in 2009. I thought it was a good movie. I am reminded of this video! Funnee! The looks on your faces, classic! You should review "Chloe." http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi3782411289/ Exactly what Ayina said would happen, happened in the end.
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  2. MzDThatsMe
    MzDThatsMe says:

    I'm usually a lengthy writer, because I attempt to explain my opinions… However, I'm only left with two words on this matter: Dangerous and Unhealthy…

  3. Jameelah
    Jameelah says:

    "full of what the hell?" My exact thoughts.. " that's a little girl" My exact thoughts….
    The wife seems to have very low self esteem and it seems like a desperate attempt to keep her husband… yeah so umm.. I'm gonna have to call B.S. on her "I'm so turned on" claims.

    This is a recipe for disaster…
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  4. grownmanbiz05
    grownmanbiz05 says:

    I'm no fan of the swinger,but do what you do. I just believe that where there's fire, there's flames. So what she accepts now will only eventually blow up in her face. Furthermore, she? got some security issues which explains why she would accept this from him. I could go on, but I'll stop there………Appreciate Ya Ma'ats

  5. K.O.
    K.O. says:

    Wow. That's deep. I think you two handled this one very well! I hope that she listens and takes your advice.

  6. tchelle1000
    tchelle1000 says:

    I would love to see you guys? on the OWN network. Keep Pushing!! Interesting situation to say the least…I absolutely love your channel and have watched? almost every video so needless to say I'm a fan for life now..LOL. I consider myself an analytical woman so I love to get to the original sin or the original hurt. So many of us are living in an altered consciousness because to "toe off"/confront the original pain that leads us to make our choices requires grown woman's/ grown man 's WORK. It's not for the faint of heart

  7. Lync
    Lync says:

    And "Black Sexuality" these days with most is about a lot of confusion with one another. Please I would like to go there but I want. The roots goes very deep on this topic, very deep!

  8. Lync
    Lync says:

    The bottom line is there are people whom have no respect to the union of marriage point blank.

    These are the seeds of a relationship that will end. I have a friend girl, who shared with me about her and her husband doing something just like this. Guess what, their relationship is not more.

    It took them to allow this to enter into their circle their union and the marriage is no more.
    Again the respect to the union of marriage is taken for granted and those of us whom play around with this end up divorced.

    Morals these days, wow and so when this women is broken away from the marriage because it will happen. She will become another women not trusting men anymore.

    She may not see this now but in time, another female feeling that "no men can be trusted all because of this one guy who damaged her, wow!

    I hope and pray that women put the blame of the hurt on the yuck mouth that gave it to her and not other men. However with this guy who doing this. He has no respect for himself and some day an HIV will find it's way to him, trust me , dude is stickin and movin.

    This means he's still a boy and foolish boys do things like this. Yo marriage is about two people not 3 and 4 and some jelly on the side to add to the mix. IF WE DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS, well then stay single and not harm another women that really wanted to be married but for some reason she ran into a boy to get this.

    i keep saying this. We need to really look back into courtship with no hint of "give me some" yo if a dude come at you like this, tell him "hey I will give you and me some distance" how about that and drop him until you find a man not a boy that understand how to respect you.

    Yo swagg and rump is what get most of us trapped. Hey it's about time to look past that and see what these people really have other then a cute smile. Smiles turn into frowns trust me the day the thrill is gone.

    However a smile will stay a smile when you find friendship with someone that worth smiling at, real talk.

  9. Abdul-Qaadir
    Abdul-Qaadir says:

    I can agree with the Ma'at's. These are the major flags with this particular situation. 1. He has concealed his online affair (Cyber Sex) from you. Why not disclose his sexual attraction towards another woman to you. The keywords here are trust and communication. 2. This woman although 18 is not at an age of maturity to be engaged in a threesome with a couple in your age range. If that's how the both of you "get your freak on" why not do it with someone is older and not looking to tell her friends about her sexual exploits about only one person she cares about? Guess what it is not the both of you. Yes she is of legal age however, age does not guarantee she or the two of you will be able to handle the psychological aspects of what could happen? You could end up on Jerry Springer or better yet on Divorce Court. In the end the choice is up to the both of you. Still, it does sound like there are some pieces missing either in your relationship or your thought process maybe both? I think that this would have been an entirely different subject if your husband did not hide his online affair in the beginning and the woman was at least 25 of age or older. Perhaps the video that the Ma'at's and the comments that will be posted in this section will help you make a conscious decision? Here are some links that might also help?:

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