Inspirational Moment: “Your Eyes Will Adjust”

VIDEO: Iyanla Vanzant teaches a “MUST KNOW” lesson in this clip where she talks about how we, as people, adjust our “vision” based on our circumstances and what’s going on (internally & externally) in our lives. What exactly does she mean by this? Listen in to this thought provoking and inspirational clip and make sure your eyes DO NOT adjust!

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    James says:


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  5. Shelly
    Shelly says:

    OMG!!! I so needed this today!

  6. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    It is so clear to “see” that Ms. Vanzant has such a powerful way of delivering a message that leaves such a profound impact on you. She rocks you to the core and then rebuilds you with love. Perception! Thank you for sharing the inspiration.

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