Is Idris Elba Sexy? He Says Black Men Aren’t Really Described As Such.

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By Team BLAM

Is Idris Elba sexy?  Many of you are probably thinking, “BLAM, that’s a dumb a$$ question!” lol.  I guess the ooh’s, aahhh’s, and daaayumms that come from women’s mouth’s (my wife included) when watching him on the big screen is enough of an answer.

Side note:  I had to throw an elbow at Aiyana in the movie theater because she was so fixated on the screen when he was half naked in “Takers”.  lol.

We recognize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what’s ugly to me may be “fine as hell” to you…and that’s cool.  In the above interview with Life Files TV, Idris says black men are described as intense and athletic….but not really sexy.  Check out the interview and let us know what you think.  I’m wondering if black men aren’t described as sexy…..then is sexy described as NON- BLACK.  HMMMM

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  1. Lela
    Lela says:

    God created man. Then he created The Black Man.
    And Idris is simply delicious!!

  2. Mimi
    Mimi says:

    SEXY as hell!!! I tell my husband that Idris is my second husband. LOL!!! To tell you the truth they remind me of each other and I think thats why I find Idris so desirable. Sexy, strong black brother!!! And not too mention the chocolate skin. Just SEXY!!!!

  3. Daughter Isis
    Daughter Isis says:

    I have to say that I have never been star struck, I have been a nanny for celebrities, I have met lots of celebrities, I work in labor and delivery in L.A. at the main hospital Celebrities give birth at, so Im usually very cool when it comes to meeting people who are famous. They put there pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us do. With that said. I am a rabid Idris Elba fan, I have a stalker photo page in his honor and had the privilage of meeting him when he was here in Inglewood, CA a few months ago at the Savvoy. Meeting him did nothing to dampen my love for this amazing beautiful swaggalicious man. I am stuck, sprung and gone on him. Did I say that Im nuts about Idris Elba? So in answer to your question. HELL TO THE YES HE IS SEXY!! He personifies it. Love his walk, his grace the way he carries himself all of that. Sorry….I get carried away when it come to Mr. Alba. 🙂

  4. flatnipples
    flatnipples says:

    Whoever has the big dollars and controls media controls most of public opinion, that's why youtube and any type of social media that democratizes our entertainment is important.
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  5. 20 and Engaged
    20 and Engaged says:

    Idris Elba is…everything lol He is in my top 5 beautiful black men, I promise. Black men are definitely sexy, and should be seen as such. They shouldn't just be seen as athletes or no good drug dealers. There are brothas out there who have their act together. Forget what mainstream thinks; black men are IT!
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  6. K.O.
    K.O. says:

    Whew! Is Idris Elba sexy? I can barely get myself together to comment, lol! I'm most definitely using the word sexy to describe him along with my other brothers out there. Maybe mainstream isn't describing our men that way, but to me, there's nothing more sexy than a black man. You can line up all different ethnicities of men, and there's just something about our brothas that's different. And Ayize, you most definitely have to give Aiyana a pass for looking at Idris in Takers. That movie wasn't great, but I would watch it again just for the eye candy, lol!

  7. @hrwilliams7
    @hrwilliams7 says:

    Ayize, you gotta give Aiyana a bye. Don't be elbowing my sister, especially when you went cuckoo for cocoa puffs on that Halle Berry pic I posted with that article a few months back. Come on…be fair! LOL

    And yes, that brother is sexy, along with a myriad of other black male actors who are timeless in their attractiveness (Denzel, anyone?).

  8. Taunia Teel
    Taunia Teel says:

    If its not said in Hollywood, it definitely should be. There are some sexy, fine, intelligent, hardworking, smooth, desirable, talented, worthy, black men on this earth.. I grabbed me one about 20 years ago.. Black men "know your worth". Idris know he's sexy but its cute & refreshing that he isnt conceited..

    • Kia
      Kia says:

      Well said Taunia!

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