Your Stuff Stinks Too

One of the things that we need in order to have better relationships is EMPATHY.  Empathy allows you to be sensitive to another persons experience and show compassion for where they’ve been, who they’ve been, where they are, who they are, and where/who they want to be.  I’m willing to bet that if you show more empathy….your relationship will show up better than you ever believed.

Stop Playin’ and Start Pushin’ yall.

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  1. Anna
    Anna says:

    Grace and empathy are in the air! Thanks for this, Brother Ayize!

  2. Oquendo
    Oquendo says:

    Man! You hit the nail on the head!! This Message really hit home for me. While my marraige has failed and there is no chance of reconciliation, this message make sense and gives me hope for the future, whether I ever remarry or not. thanks Bro. Ayize. 8/19/13.

  3. Shani
    Shani says:

    It took me YEARS to finallly start to see this and I do mean that I'm only starting to grasp this principle. I hold myself to this standard of perfection and always fall short of it of course…expecting this perfection from others only makes things worse. Like someone said on a forum: if you hold yourself to this standard of perfection and judge yourself so harshly, it will scare people off. Why? Because you'll do the same to them eventhough no one is perfect. GREAT AND TIMELY VIDEO BTW!

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