It’s About Completion NOT perfection

VIDEO: by Aiyana Ma’at How many times have you started down a new path to a new goal, a new endeavor, or a new “you” only to fall to the wayside because you get discouraged, disillusioned, and downright tired of your results (or lack thereof)? I know I have! Why do we do this? All too often it’s because we want to get it (whatever it is) juuuust right. We want it to come together perfectly. We want it to look a particular way. We want to feeeel a certain way. We want it to be PERFECT! Well, life and human beings (that’s me and you) don’t work that way. We’ve got to be willing to fail in order to succeed. The difference between something being a stumbling block and a stepping stone is...your perception. Stop worrying about having everything PERFECTLY lined up before you get moving. Get moving and adjust while you are in process. Make 2011 your year of completion.  Let’s commit to getting things DONE! It’s about completion NOT perfection.

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  1. Rocco
    Rocco says:

    Awesome message….you made it plain.

  2. K.O.
    K.O. says:

    Thank you for that, Aiyana…I really needed to hear that. And by the way, cute sweater…I have the same one 🙂

    • Emma Thomas
      Emma Thomas says:

      Today my soul just open up, I really needed this! and I thank you very much.

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