Last Minute, Inexpensive, & Romantic Valentine Date Ideas

So, it’s 2 days before Valentine’s Day. You haven’t bought a card, didn’t even really think about getting a gift, and have no idea what you and your boo will be doing on Valentine’s Day 2011. We get it. It’s not that you’re insensitive, cheap, or even lazy. There ‘s just so much going on in your life that you can barely get out for a “non-special” date, let alone Valentine’s Day. And, you know your sweetheart’s not all that into the V-Day hype so ya’ll will be allright–no special romance needed at your house, right?

Yeah, right(…in my best sarcastic voice). Don’t kid yourself.

Even those of us who sincerely don’t trip off the holiday and all the hype around it like to feel thought of, acknowledged, and…yes even focused on during this special day—especially when our friends’ will be asking “What did you do for insert your boo’s name here? or “What did insert your boo’s name here do for you? It’s nice to be able to have an answer—trust me. Because at the end of the day it really is about the fact that your special someone was important enough to think about…just a little bit. 😉

So, never fear! is here! We like this website because it has tons of things to do and places to go. And, the wide range of different things to do is great. They have Adventurous Dates, Unusual Dates, Indoor Dates, Cultural Dates, Sporting Dates, Theme Dates, Group Date Ideas and so much more. Check out some of the Last Minute, Inexpensive, & Romantic Date Ideas below. There’s something for everyone.

Last Minute, Inexpensive  & Romantic Ideas From

  • Build a fire, snuggle up, and read a good book or perhaps romantic poetry together. Make up some hot chocolate or spiced cider to enhance the evening.
  • Prepare a new dessert or main dish and serve it in a creative way to your parents or friends. Finish by washing the dishes together.
  • Check out the local newspaper’s entertainment section for free events.
  • Buy two cheap canvases and paint with toll paints or do finger painting and design a picture for one another. Choose something that describes yourself or something you appreciate about each other.
  • Go to the mall (or maybe Target or Wal-Mart!) and give each other $10 and see who can buy the best item for each other with it.
  • Select a dinner from the cookbook you have never tried. Shop for the ingredients and prepare dinner together. To add ambience, choose a type of cuisine and add decorations or dress to enhance the atmosphere.
  • After an amazing steak dinner, complimented by a beverage of your choice, head for a private hot tub. Set out candles and soft music for the perfect touch.
  • Make a recording of all the love songs you both like and play it while relaxing in front of a glowing fire (or while driving in the countryside).
  • Go for a walk together either in a crowded city or alone in the country.
  • Collect old magazines and cut out pictures that bring back memories of times you’ve shared together. Compile them in a scrapbook, and nurture the desire to spend time developing future memories.
  • Attend church functions together. Dances, discussion groups, and church meetings really help couples grow closer to each other.
  • Send flowers. Try adding a note or a poem. For greater impact, find a way to secretly add flowers to the vase every day, and include a secret note each time.
  • Drive around different neighborhoods in your area to find the most beautiful and oddest landscaping and yard ornaments.
  • Go to a river or small village and paint the scenery. Then give it away to an elderly shut-in in your neighborhood.
  • Go bird watching at an aviary or woods nearby.
  • Live in a mild climate? Take a walk on the beach. If you live near the ocean or a large lake, taking a walk on the beach or the shoreline at sunset or in the moonlight can be very romantic and peaceful.
  • When your date is far away or busy, do this: Before you hang up ask him/her to meet you in your dreams (in an open baseball stadium on the pitchers mound, in a canoe in the middle of the lake at sunset, etc.). Be specific.
  • Find a restaurant in a little town about an hour away. Stop every now and then to take pictures of each other (or have someone take a picture of you together). Take romantic pictures, funny pictures, pictures of the scenery. If you time it right, you can get a picture of the sunset. Get the waiter to take your picture together. Then, on your next date night, make a collage of your date together.
  • Blindfold your date and feed him/her foods of your choice. Be playful. It’s fun for the both of you! Be sure to let your date have a chance at this one. Once you’ve finished, watch a movie by the fire or just cuddle.


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    I agree. These ideas are great!

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    These are some great ideas to use all year long for regular date nights as well.

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