Celebrating Valentine’s Day At Home This Year? Give Your House A Romantic Makeover

By Jamie Scott

Valentine’s Day is a cause for celebration, and there’s no reason not to give your house a makeover in recognition of the day of love. If you’re like many people, you may be right at home with your honey and that is Ok. Home can be even better than going out. It’s all in how you accessorize the atmosphere! 😉

There are a range of ways in which you can romanticize your house, but first decide upon the colors you’d like to stick to. Hues of pink, red and nude palettes are particularly nice.

Once you’ve decided on colors, start by snatching up some big, beautiful bouquets and spreading them throughout the house. You could mix roses, lillies, carnations, peonies – even narcissus are gorgeous for Valentine’s, if they fit in with your color scheme. The smell is likely to make your loved one happier, and the sight of fresh flowers is always a welcome one after a tough day in the office.

Next, think about accessories – lighting fixtures, picture frames, curtain poles and lamps are all great places to start. Pick out antique-style, feminine pieces for Valentine’s, with gold trimmings and a rustic, lived-in feel, and your other half is sure to get in the mood. For darker personalities, go for deep reds and luscious royal purple; for the lighter feel, go for nudes and creamy tones.

One accessory that really creates a romantic feel is the candlestick holder – try raiding local antique and thrift stores for old, vintage pieces. Those with several forks are particularly pretty, and if you see a pair, grab them both, otherwise you’ll kick yourself when you get home for not having the matching set. Even if you don’t have both out all the time, it’s worth having them for occasions when you want it.

Lastly, why not consider sprucing up the bed a little? Buy a luxurious, soft throw, or some indulgent silk sheets. Rose petals sprinkled on the bed always go down a treat, and fluffy white pillows are very enticing, setting the perfect mood for a loved-up Valentine’s celebration.

Hey BLAM Fam, Will you be at home this Valentine’s Day? Share your tips with us!

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