Do You Have The Courage To Be You?

VIDEO: Where you are in your life is NO ACCIDENT.  You created your reality as it currently exists and YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE IT.  It’s easy to stand still and invite you neighbor, your teacher, your cousin, your spouse, or even your children to be quiet observers at your pity party…but overtime STANDING STILL BECOMES STALE and doing something different becomes your life line.  Changing won’t be easy…but it’s possible.  Hold on to that possibility as you muster up the courage to DO AND BE YOU.

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  1. tingkalifa
    tingkalifa says:


  2. publauceusins
    publauceusins says:


  3. Emily
    Emily says:

    Thanks for this message Sis. I' having CHURCH in my cubicle right now : )

  4. L. Jackson
    L. Jackson says:

    this was amazing. you are a great teacher Aiyana

  5. Jamila
    Jamila says:

    I want to give thanks for that video. I have just arrived on the site and I now overstand how this is possible and what makes me click. I am so grateful as a young woman that you have be very inspirational. thank you so much for put this on your site!

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