My Husband Wants To Have Anal Sex But I’m SCARED!

By Dawn Michael

The facts are this; anal sex can be enjoyable, if done the right way

Information on anal sex is one of those questions as a clinical sexologist I get asked quite often about. The facts are this;  can be enjoyable, if done the right way. When talking about anal sex it is about allowing that delicate part of the body to be penetrated, this is not just physical but emotional as well. If it is a wonderful experience for a woman, she can even have multiple orgasms from anal sex, but on the flip side if it is not done correctly she may never want to try it again.

Tips on having anal sex:

The muscle on the rim of the anus and the inside of the anus needs to be slowly relaxed before penetration. Forcing any object in the anus when the muscle is tight is going to be painful; the skin on the outside is also delicate and can be torn. The anal muscles need time to relax, which means that the mind also has to be relaxed too. When the muscle is relaxed penetration will happen easily, and feel enjoyable. If you experience pain then slow down the penetration until the mind and body can relax again.

Lubrication is another important part of anal sex, make sure to use lubrication when penetrating and playing with the anus. The interesting fact about anal sex is when a  person is enjoying it the anus will lubricate on it’s own as well.

Let’s talk about the poop; this can be resolved by cleaning the anus with a water rinse before anal sex. Women can get infections transferring between the anus and vagina without cleaning the penis. Safety is an issue too, wearing a condom is recommended. Having a clean anus is recommended for health reasons, and will also make the experience more enjoyable.

Teasing and finger play is a wonderful way to get the anal muscle to relax, rubbing the area gently, and taking time to enjoy the feeling and relax. Clitoral and nipple stimulation at the same time as anal stimulation can also relax the muscle and lubricate the anus.

Anal play or anal sex may not be for everyone, but if you do want to try it do it the right because it can be a wonderful erotic experience.

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  1. kittypop
    kittypop says:

    well written..very true points,,relax!

  2. Ally
    Ally says:

    wow…it hurts : )

    • Rain
      Rain says:

      That means it is not being done properly

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