My Woman’s Self Esteem Is Destroying Us!

Viewer Question: I have a serious issue that I need help on immediately. Me and my current woman have been together for 10 months. Things have been great but things have also been confusing, struggling at times, and challenging.

One of the most challenging things that keep lingering is my woman has a confidence issue. Her self confidence, self love, and self appreciation is low. She is dislikes herself because of her weight, she dislikes herself because brings the energy from when she gets off work home with her, and she still holds on to what she has been through in the past. All these things, including how her weight issues has affected her future decisions on having children and more as drove me to the cliff. I want to be there for her and love her as I do now and even more on a level where is not used to and keep growing with her through it all. But, what can I do to stay strong or should I give up?

I have treated her great since day one when we went on our first date, since I have expressed and told her I love her, I have loved her on a level she said she has never felt or consistently seen, I am truly investing myself into her, but I am not getting enough back in return from her. What can this gentleman do?

BLAM Fam….What are your thoughts?

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  1. Janna
    Janna says:

    I love seeing yall's chemistry! You restore my belief in love.

  2. Leiyah
    Leiyah says:

    this advice was great for me too as well as to the writer of the letter, especially the bit nearer the end that said we all got to go through our stuff and we die from pain and tears etc i needed to hear that Thank you God for the advice from BINTENTIONAL

  3. Julia Michael
    Julia Michael says:

    Thank you so much for uploading this,very important topic.well said
    Peace & Blessings.

  4. Shani Keys
    Shani Keys says:

    Love the part about how we will not die because of our pain, it's part of being human.

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