Never Ever Give Up.

VIDEO: Sometimes life will be hard and you will feel like obstacles are to overwhelming to overcome. It’s in those moments that you are challenged to understand who you really are that you must take decisive action to become who you want to be. Listen in as Ayize motivates you to NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

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  1. Dorcas
    Dorcas says:

    Go Ayize! Go Ayize! Thank bro for this VERY MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO…THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO FOR US….AS ALWAYS,keep us on our toes.

  2. Tasha B
    Tasha B says:

    Love it Ayize!!!! Thank you for pressing on because you and your wife has really spoke to me since I've been following you two. Thanks for keeping it 100 🙂

  3. Traci Hill Femister
    Traci Hill Femister says:

    Tabernacle!! Preach brother-in-law!! DO a little a lot and a lot will happen!!

  4. K. Way
    K. Way says:

    Ayize, thank you for that beautiful message. Timing is everything and the message was right on time. I heard a message last night entitled, "Are you all in" meaning you can't be lukewarm in life. I am dreaming big and have started the ball rolling. Pushing pass the struggle is the hardest part. Thanks for the motivation.
    K. Way

  5. Deidra
    Deidra says:

    Thanks for getting my year started off right. Go Ayize Go!!!!!

  6. Bryce
    Bryce says:

    The whole pushup piece resonated with me. I started sometime ago with 1 now I can do 110 in one sitting. Thanks for the message of inspiration

  7. Dontae Blaney
    Dontae Blaney says:

    Yo that is so true man… I have stop dreamin a long time ago… Thanks for waking me up!

  8. Basil
    Basil says:

    I like the way they are using these social network sites to put out a powerful message. Motivation is needed in life, for all us to get moving on our journey of life. "Stop Playing and Start Pushing"

  9. Kandi
    Kandi says:

    We've stopped dreaming and because we've stopped dreaming……we've stopped becoming. That was hot.

  10. Lady Erin
    Lady Erin says:

    FABULOUS! Love the candor, the rawness …the reality.

  11. Jimmy
    Jimmy says:

    Slim…you a beast!

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