Oscar Nominated Actor Viola Davis Talks About Her Battle With Low Self Esteem And The Strength She Gained From Her Father’s Passing

By Team BLAM

One of the fastest ways to move from where you are to where you want to be is to be inspired by other people’s story’s.  We look at celebrity’s and WISH that we had their world.  We WISH we had the stardom.  We WISH we could walk in their shoes for just a moment.  For everything that we wish for do we also WISH for the struggle that comes with stardom? Do we WISH for the emotional scars that come with walking the red carpet….probably NOT.  Check out this emotional interview with Oscar nominated actress Viola Davis where she shares what helped her to overcome her battle with low self esteem.

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    Humbling. Everything you have, in any moment, is all the blessing you truly need. Self-Acceptance is self-empowerment! Thank you for sharing this.

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