Did You Catch Aiyana Ma’at & Judge Lynn Talking Cheating & Whether To Stay Or Go? We’ve Got It HERE!

by Team BLAM

Did you get a chance to hear BLAM’s Aiyana Ma’at talk about the heartbreak and betrayal of cheating with Divorce Court’s Judge Lynn Toler and Atlanta Kiss 104.1’s Jennifer Keitt? If not, have a listen when you get some free space. The show was really interesting because so many callers were kept it amazingly real and shared what they’ve either been through or are going through with cheating. There are so many reasons why people cheat and even more reasons why people choose to stay or go.

Funny moment of the evening? When Judge Lynn was asked “Why do people cheat?” She said “for many reasons….” One of them ? “Sometimes you get a little Do-It Fluid in your system” otherwise known as alcohol. Good one Judge Lynn.

When BLAM’s Aiyana was asked whether or not she sees more people choosing to stay or choosing to go when they’ve experienced infidelity she said…

Don’t let us spoil it! Listen in HERE. 😉

(*Quick Tip* There will be a list of past shows for you to click on. You are looking for  the show from 9/16/2012.)

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  1. Lynette
    Lynette says:

    I was in the car when I heard this! This was great!

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