Pay It Forward…Your Love Can Profoundly Impact Another Person’s Life

By Team BLAM

Mikey Carraway feeds the homeless to raise awareness about organ donations — and to honor the man who saved his life. Mikey was selected as a CNN Hero and he has truly taken his blessing and paid it forward over and over again. As I sat and watched this little soldier I was moved. We must all remember what matters most in life. #PayItForward

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  1. Edsa Marie Gomez
    Edsa Marie Gomez says:

    I've seen the movie "Pay It Forward". It's basically of the same concept. Have you seen the movie too? The video up is also inspiring like the movie. I hope people should learn to pay it forward and share their blessings to others as well.

    I was deeply moved!

    -Edsa Marie
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  2. Charisse Stokes
    Charisse Stokes says:

    While watching the video, I was thinking of a lot of things about paying our blessings forward. I think this is such a nice and amazing idea. It can change a person’s life. Where do you get inspirational videos like this?

    By the way, the video is so touching. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful post! God bless you.


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