President Barack Obama Reaches A Personal Milestone: His 50th Birthday

By Ayize Ma’at

Whenever I see images of our Commander -In- Chief Barack Obama I can’t help but feel a sense of pride as an African American man.  President Obama is truly an inspiration to me and many others because of the obstacles he has overcome, who he is, and what he represents.  The impact of Barack Obama on the African American community transcends politics.  His presence creates a quiet satisfaction that resonates on a “gut” level enabling many African Americans to feel proud.

Today Barack Obama is feeling proud.  He has reached a personal milestone, his 50th birthday.  He has already received one of the gifts he publicly requested, the raising of the debt ceiling.  I wonder what else the President would like to celebrate the BIG 5-0.  On numerous occasions the President has joked about aging (graying hair, bags under eyes, aches and pains), you know father time has never lost a match.  Even with all those minor physical changes, we at BLAM want you to know that you’re still FLYYY and by a long shot you’re the coolest, hippest, and most swaggerrific  President we’ve ever had.  President Barack Obama Happy 50th Birthday.  We wish you many many many more.  Hmmmm, if I could give you a birthday gift I would give you ……A NEW JUMP SHOT.  LOL  Yeah you got game..but it could get a little better. (just kiddin)

BLAM Fam what would you give the President for his 50th Birthday?

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  1. Dara J Kent
    Dara J Kent says:

    the pleasure of punching some of these bird brain right wing officials in the face for talking reckless about him #I♥ President Obama !

  2. Sheree Medley
    Sheree Medley says:

    If I had the power I would bring his MOM back !!!!!

  3. Patricia Knight
    Patricia Knight says:

    I'd give him more time with Michelle, his first lady. Seeing their love and devotion for one another has blessed us all!

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