My Fiance’ Wants To Go Away To Grad School…What About Us?!

VIDEO:  Imagine this. You are living life, happy, engaged to the one you love and they drop a “Biggie” on you. The “Biggie” is the fact that they want to go to graduate school—AWAY to grad school. Do you suport them in continuing their education or do you request that they stay home and sacrifice the “ideal” so that the both of you can continue strengthening your relationship and planning your lives together? Do you think it’s fair to ask your partner to stay? Do you feel it’s Ok to go? Listen in as we answer this young ladies question and weigh in on her issue. Leave a comment or submit a video response. We want to hear from you!

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  1. Terrence
    Terrence says:

    I agree with the statement that the couple should be working through these issues together. When I was engaged, I had just finished grad school and was looking for a job. I couldn’t find a job and NOAA actually offered me a job, but I would of had to go out on a boat for two years of training. I presented the opportunity to my fiance’ and she said it’s either me or the boat. If the opportunity was more important, I would have chosen the boat, but my future wife was more important and we were getting married in about a year, so I chose my wife. If this is really a problem for the young lady, the young man may have to make a choice. That may not be fair, but it’s reality.

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