Run Your Marriage Like A Business…Plan Your Work & Work Your Plan

By Neysa Ellery Taylor

Do you have strategic planning meetings with your spouse? Do you come together and plan out your year or your five year plan? Do you know your spouse’s long term goals? Do you even know what you plan to be doing in 5-10 years?

Do you have a personal goal that you want to accomplish? Would you like to lose 100 lbs maybe or hike the Great Smokey Mountains? Is there a destination that is on your bucket list that you want to see? Do you want to learn another language?

What plans do you have for your kids? Are you securing their future? Are you giving them the tools they need to not only succeed but to be happy?

Do you plan date nights? Do you plan family time? Do you plan family vacations or anniversaries? Do you know what your spouse considers a good birthday?

Do you know the balance in all household accounts right now? Do you know how much debt you have? Do you have a plan to pay down that debt? Do you have long term fiscal goals?

Do you invest in your marriage and in your self? Are there conferences or workshops that you want to attend either as a couple or as an individual?

Today I don’t have the answers, I just have the questions. But I know that the more you can answer the questions the better off your life and your marriage will be. Does knowing all the answers guarantee happiness? Nope. But knowing the answers does help make it easier to communicate and know where you stand with your spouse.

Good marriages don’t just happen. Good lives don’t just happen. Both require prayer, planning, and hard work. Yes, spontaneity is important but having a plan is also important. Do you have a plan? Are you working the plan? If not, what are you waiting for?

Neysa Ellery Taylor lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, Chris, and their 4 children – Asyen, Maya, Preston, and Patrick. An Emmy-Award winning journalist, she hopes to share her passion for marriage and God through her writing. You can read more of her work at