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How many times have you desired to be intimate with you partner but were paralyzed by FEAR OF REJECTION?  How many times have you heard or felt, “YOU DON’T TOUCH ME ANYMORE”?  How many times have you wanted to say “KISS ME HERE, HOLD ME LIKE THIS, or WHISPER SOMETHING SWEET IN MY EAR”? How many times have you sat next to your spouse, wanting to MAKE LOVE and wanting your spouse to WANT YOU just as bad as YOU WANT THEM?  Real talk yall, some of yall are SUFFERING in your sex life because you’re SCARED.  You’re scared to take a risk and share what you desire in the bedroom.  You’re scared to take a risk and ask how can you better satisfy your spouse.  You’re scared to come outside of your comfort zone and do what’s necessary to reconnect and get close with your spouse.  You’re scared of being hurt, embarrassed, or dismissed.

If you can identify with any of this, don’t be ashamed….YOU  ARE NOT ALONE.

OR….Perhaps you want to get closer, spice things up, and release your inhibitions?

THIS Audio Program on Sex & Intimacy is JUST FOR YOU.

We receive countless emails from couples across the country that are sulking in quiet desperation because they can’t seem to find the connection they once had.  They understand that the intimacy is absent, that the fire has faded and their romance needs revitalization. Truth be told this may be you. AND THAT’S O.K.  Awareness of a problem is the first step in changing the problem and the fact that you’re on this page tells us that you want to learn how to MAKE LOVE RIGHT.

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This audio program consist of  real questions from real people with honest and evidence based feedback from us. We’re convinced that if you apply the strategies we share you’ll either greatly reduce or completely solve your SEX & INTIMACY problems once and for all.

Inside this audio program, you’ll discover and learn PROVEN methods that work.  We’re a real couple that have GREAT INTIMACY AND GREAT SEX and we want to help you experience the same.  


–  How to bring up sexual fantasies with your partner

–  What intimacy looks like for women

–  Can you have sex with an STD

–  Is masturbation OK

–  What gets women in the mood to make love

–  How to bring up sexual issues in your relationship

–  Finding your comfort zone with your own sexuality

–  The importance of “doing it” even when you don’t want to

– You’re not the only couple with sex and intimacy issues

What we just shared is really just a piece of what you’ll get from purchasing this audio program.  Truth be told it’s really an experience.  You’ll get an opportunity to be challenged, encouraged, inspired, and supported as you attempt to improve the quality of your sex and intimacy by learning to MAKE LOVE RIGHT.  It’s not a game yall…take your love life to the next level.  You deserve it. Your partner deserves it.  Your relationship deserves it.  Purchase MAKE LOVE RIGHT.

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IMMEDIATE ACCESS to over 2 hours (23 tracks of insight and inspiration)


only $9.99


You two of the true god and goddess that needs to continue giving advice and continue loving each other the way you do. More than love and respect to you two.

I Love you guys . you are Real ! I cant wait for my mate . Im learning alot from you 2 ! :O)

– OK….ya’ll killin’ me!! Ya’ll need to BOTTLE UP whatever power/love/energy ya’ll got goin’ on over there and SELL IT! I WANT A CASE OF IT!! Keep up the most beautiful work…

– I wanted to be a hater but I just couldn’t. I found myself longing for the same connection from my man. Love you both and the inspiration and encouragement you bring.

 I love yall! thanks for the advice, i really appreciate it. Be blessed.