Sometimes, Appreciation Is All The Motivation He Needs

By Lorene Troyer

You can motivate your husband and strengthen his feelings of love for you by communicating your appreciation for him and the things he does for you. When he has worked hard all day and he comes home feeling stressed out and exhausted, your gratitude for what he has done, will rejuvenate him and give him a feeling of satisfaction.

When your man is in love with you, his greatest aspiration in your marriage is to please you. If he can do that, he feels like a winner but if he can’t, he may feel like a failure.

He feels responsible for your happiness, and if you always seem to be discontent, he may feel like he’s not a good husband and will eventually quit trying to please you.

If you don’t show any excitement or gratitude when he does something for you, he may not be all that interested in doing anything else for you.

For instance, if he takes you out to eat and you grumble about the food or the restaurant, he feels like it is his fault. But it makes him feel good if he knows you enjoyed the meal and had a good time.

One of the secrets of a good marriage: most husbands prefer to have their woman “do” less for him and be more grateful for he “does” for her. If you have been working hard to be a good wife, relax and simply enjoy what he is doing for you.

Practice expressing your appreciation, not only for any gifts he gives you but also for the things he does every day to help keep your home running smoothly- bringing home a paycheck, taking care of the vehicles, being a good father. Find something to be thankful for.

Appreciating your husband is a powerful way to motivate him and stir up his feelings of love for you. Develop the habit of looking for things to be grateful for and watch your marriage blossom.

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  1. Elle
    Elle says:

    This is wrong. To thine own self be true. What man wants a woman who is always gaming him. There is no communication, intimacy, trust, or listening here. Aint nothing developing in this relationship but bs. A man will take this as game and begin to play. Hello other women. hello misery. Hello frustration. None of this would be appreciated nor is it effective in developing a good relationship or satisfiying a man.

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