Spicing It Up With Boudoir Photography

By Olivia Nicholas

One of the sexiest photography trends that women are exploring are boudoir photos.  These pictures are not your average photos, they are intimate pictures of you taken by a professional photographer in the most sensual and tasteful manner. You can give these private photos to your husband as an anniversary or birthday gift.  Most women that are thinking of participating in this new upcoming trend should implement as much personality in the shoot as possible, to make this a picture perfect moment for your husband to cherish for years to come.

When brainstorming this sexy photo shoot there are many aspects to take into consideration.  From the lingerie to the location, great thought and detail must go into your choices. Consider you or your husband’s favorite color and try to coordinate that into your lingerie selection. Visit your local lingerie or intimates store and browse their selections.  Don’t be afraid to try something new, from corsets to push-up bras, it’s all about feeling confident and sexy!

While you’re at it don’t forget the accessories that make the photos come alive, from fishnet stockings to the diamond incrusted stilettos, details like these will really make a statement.

Since this type of photo shoot is all about sex appeal think about being a bit more dramatic when it comes to your hair and make-up.  A sexy makeup style for this type of shoot includes smoky eyes with fake lashes.  You could intertwine your lashes with crystals for a sparkly, sexy touch to your bed room eyes. You also have to think about the hair style you will chose for the photo shoot that complements the lingerie you will be wearing.  Hair should be playful and sexy, don’t pin or slick your hair back in a rigid, taut look.  Keep your hair loose so you can whip it and toss it about during the shoot.

As far as the location of the photo shoot many women have used their own bedroom making the entire experience just a little more personal. Being in familiar surroundings will make you more comfortable when it comes to stripping down to just your intimate apparel.  If you are doing this as a gift for your significant other, seeing you posed in the bed you share will make the photos just that much more personal.

One thing you must keep in mind is to find a photographer who has experience in these types of photos so they can capture you in the most flattering way possible. It is very important that you feel comfortable with the photographer who is taking these intimate photographs of you. Since most women are very nervous in the beginning a good photographer will be able to diminish your anxiety to ensure a carefree experience.  A photographer who has experience in this area of photography will be able to choose the best lighting and posing techniques that works best for each specific woman. Once you have chosen a style and added all other accessories to your boudoir photo shoot you are sure to have a sensual masterpiece.

Olivia Nicholas is a seasoned wedding planner with over 10 years in the wedding business.  She has a passion for all things related to the celebration of marriage; from engagements to weddings to the honeymoon.  This passion also motivates her to work in her spare time as a freelance writer and author for MyWedding.com

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  1. Lillian
    Lillian says:

    My husband and I took some boudoir photos together right before our wedding. It's a great treat if you can relax and go with the flow.

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