Stimulate Your Love Life With The Secrets Of Feng Shui

By Jacob Jelling

Feng shui relationship secrets and advice can help you create and maintain a solid relationship. Everyone wants to find their soul mate and keep them. Those who have a partner in life may want to make their intimate life brighter and strengthen their bond. Here are some feng shui relationship secrets for those who want to attract, retain and strengthen their love.

Let’s start with the basics – making a home attractive for relationships. This can be achieved with the Bagua octagon – a tool for improving energy in any premises. It helps to relate the environmental elements with the aspects of life. According to the octagon, the southwest direction is responsible for relationships. Its color is brown. Its symbol is earth. This sector is connected with your partner, whether current or potential.

The first is the front door. The vital energy Qi penetrates through the door into the home, so the door should attract it. The Qi accumulates near the door, and is let inside by the incoming or outgoing people.

There are three optimal directions of the front door. Southeast: helps to preserve peace and prosperity in the family. If your door faces this way, you don’t need to add anything. Southwest: helps to build harmonious and stable families. If your door faces this way, you can add colors / symbols of wood next to the door, such as an image of bamboo or plum blossom. West: helps to increase romance and pleasure. If your door faces this way, you can add earth elements next to the door, such as crystals or objects of stone.

Even if your door faces another direction, it’s not a problem. Decorate it using the color brown or place plants there.

Next is the feng shui relationship advice for the bedroom. Ideally, the bedroom should be located in the southwestern corner of the house, which is responsible for love, loyalty, and caring for family members. If the bedroom is located in another place, do not worry. Feng shui has a list of tools that will help make it more harmonious. First of all, the bedroom should be kept clean everywhere. If you have any devices or exercise equipment in the bedroom, if possible, divide the room into sections, blocking the bed from these.

The bed should not lean sideways into the wall. It is believed that a partner who sleeps near the wall will have less say. When there’s space on both sides, both partners will feel equal.

The bed should not be too broad, as this does not encourage romance. The bed should be small enough to provide intimacy in the relationship. The mattress should not be double; any longitudinal stripes on or above the bed will symbolize the rift in the relationship. Avoid water mattresses and any objects that embody the element of water, as water can carry happiness away. Do not place your bed near a wall adjacent to the bathroom, as your happiness may go down the drain.

Now let’s review the feng shui relationship tips for objects to place in the bedroom or the room located in the southwest direction, in order to activate it. You can enhance it with an earth element (crystals, rose quartz or amethyst) and fire element (candles and red objects, such as a red lamp). Also place love reinforcing symbols in the bedroom, such as double objects: a statue of a man and woman, a pair of ducks, or a dragon with a phoenix.

Jakob Jelling runs which teaches the ancient art of feng shui. Please visit his website to learn more about feng shui relationships.

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