Stop Trying So Hard! YOU Are Already Enough!

By Aiyana Ma’at

VIDEO: This message is so critically important that we had to run this here again today. It was originally made for and there is no way I could ever fully express how much this issue runs through American culture and each and every one of us. Please take a minute to really ponder these words and know that you are not reading or listening to this by accident. Pay attention to what hits you while listening—and then intentionally sit with that, write about it, tell a trusted friend, and then think about it some more—this is what you need to heal.

Unworthiness. Lack of Self-Worth. Low Self-Esteem. Just plain old “I am not good enough” issues. This is what many Americans are walking around with every single day tucked away deep down in their hearts and minds. Unworthiness. Most of us don’t know it. The symptoms can be tricky to see and understand. So, many of us walk around unconsciously trying to be more, get more, do more, and have more………..all in an effort to measure up. Measure up to what? Some pie in the sky, elusive place that is nothing more than a distraction from why we’re really here.

I believe we are spiritual beings FIRST. But, man being human can have us forgetting that so easily! So, instead of approaching life and ourselves with love, peace, and compassion we choose to put on worry, fear, and anger instead. We think that by trying hard enough to be more, get more, do more, and have more we will somehow get rid of those feelings when it’s actually the other way around.

Learn to BE. Learn to LOVE who you are. Learn to ACCEPT what you cannot change and focus on how you respond to those things. When you can truly under (and inner) stand that YOU ARE ALREADY ENOUGH love, compassion, and peace automatically come out of hiding from within you and you’ll know that the day you were born you were enough and there is nothing that can ever happen to change that…..nothing.

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  1. Christian
    Christian says:

    This message could not have come at a better time. Thank you.

  2. jackieholness
    jackieholness says:

    Loved the video! Great message for today and every day!

  3. ChiD
    ChiD says:

    I love this video

  4. Joy Kakes
    Joy Kakes says:

    Good Video!!

  5. Availability Now
    Availability Now says:

    Thank you so much, I needed to hear this. You are truly a great mentor. God Bless? YOU! x

  6. Fatima
    Fatima says:

    This is true you are enough since the day you were born : Those are true words!!!! Me being an insecure person I grew up thinking if I was more this way or if I was more that way people would love and respect me more. Yet I come to realize its not happening because I don't respect myself enough to truly understand my self worth.

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