T.I.’s New Show “Family Hustle” Will Premiere In December. Will You Be Watching?

Rapper T.I. and his family are set to star in a new VH1 reality show/documentary called “Family Hustle”.

Here’s what T.I. had to say about joining the ranks of the other reality shows on air:

We are doing a television documentary, basically a peek inside our life. But the term “reality show” has such a horrible stigma to it. The term “reality show,” I feel that it insults the integrity of all of the hard work, effort and energy. And just the passion that a true artist puts into what we really do. Anything that I do is going to be of a certain standard and a certain quality that I feel the term “reality show” conflicts with that. So I ain’t going to call it that. It’s a television show that me and my family are doing, it’s called “The Family Hustle.” And basically it gives you a peek inside my life and shows you that I’m responsible for shaping and molding lives, personally and professionally. Personally, everyone in my family got something that they’re trying to do and it’s my job to take their desires and passions and cultivate their success. And also how to balance my personal life and obligations at home as a son, as father, as a husband, as a friend. As well as how to balance those with my professional obligations. A lot of people always say, “Hey man, how do you always stay so connected with your family and keep strong family ties and still rip and run, and do stuff professionally? How do you work as hard as you do and still stay so present?” And I think this kind of answers their question visually.

T. I. also shared about speaking with his kids about his incarceration and past legal issues:

Without question. I’m an honest, open father. I’m as transparent as I can be with them understanding. They know that I’ve done things in life that they are not to ever do. And they know that I’ve lived a lifestyle that I worked hard for them not to ever have to experience. I stress the point of accountability, of being held responsible for your actions and having to reap what you sow.

Read more of T.I.’s interview with HuffPost here.

So, BLAM Fam: Will you be watching or avoiding T.I. and his family’s new reality series?

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  1. shannikka
    shannikka says:

    No I don’t think I will be watching tired of ti and he is boaring what could Clifford do to keep my intrest. Still feel some kinda way about the dude

  2. K.O.
    K.O. says:

    Well, I'll be watching it, but then again I love all kinds of "reality" tv. I don't watch it because I think he's a great role model. If you're looking to the tv for your role models, the problem is probably bigger than T.I. 🙂

  3. Brooke
    Brooke says:

    This is a vehicle to clean up his image. I am not mad at him cleaning things up, so he can still support his family. However, I have no interest in whatever story he is trying to sell us. Someone else may enjoy it though.

  4. Mell
    Mell says:

    Nope not tuning in. I am just not that into him. Seriously maybe I am too hold to be a fan, lol. And while I liked Tiny as a part of Xscape, right now her voice is annoying. I rarely understand what she's saying. I have no recollection of her talking like that when the group was around or perhaps I just never heard her speak
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  5. Kelly Gear
    Kelly Gear says:

    I will be tuning in. Jesus is the only "good" role model. Everyone else has sinned.

  6. Michele Richards
    Michele Richards says:

    T.I. is not a good role model & is not the least bit interesting so no I won't b tuning in.

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