VIDEO: “Wife Beater”….Is It REALLY That Serious?

By Team BLAM

If you’re black, under 40, and have some awareness of urban vernacular you’ve probably heard or used the term “wife beater”.  Yup “WIFE BEATER”…terminology referring to a sleevless shirt, A-shirt, or tank top that has been seen being worn by men who are volatile, eruptive, violent, and abusive to women.  “Wife Beater”….women know them.  “Wife Beater”…men know them. “Wife Beater”… you wear them?

I can hear some of yall thinking, “BLAM it really ain’t that serious.”  Say it with me W I F E    B E A T E R.  One more time….W I F E   B E A T E R.  Now tell your daughter, “Daddy’s wearing a ‘wife beater”.  Tell your son to put on his “wife beater”.  Why do we enthusiastically embrace destructive terminology and completely ignore the psyco/social implications such terminology has on our community.  Our children are paying attention to us and are conciously and subconsiously receiving cues on what is socially acceptable behavior.

Today is the last day of domestic violence month.  Yall, for the sake of our community, for the sake of our children, and as a sign of support and solidarity for the countless number of women who are beaten by men on a daily basis CAN WE MAKE A COMMITMENT TO STOP CALLING A-SHIRTS, TANK TOPS, SLEEVELESS SHIRTS……WIFE BEATERS?  

Abuse ain’t no joke, domestic violence ain’t no laughing matter.  “Wife Beater”, is it really that serious?  We say YES IT IS.

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  1. Anna Renee
    Anna Renee says:

    AMEN! Lets do!

  2. Mika Castro
    Mika Castro says:

    I think Violence does not cure violence. Now a days, Men think that they have the right to hit women if women attack them “FIRST” and wife beaters get to go to jail with out being whipped first. It’s not fair!! There is no such thing as justice anymore.
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  3. alansjf33
    alansjf33 says:

    Why is it that woman? get a pass on the whole domestic. Violence thing?

  4. Riri
    Riri says:

    You know I never really thought about the use of these words and now I definitely will cease from using it in the future because it? really isn't fair to us

  5. B.Renee
    B.Renee says:

    100% agree .

  6. Peaceful Existence
    Peaceful Existence says:

    I agree. I loath that term and refuse to use it to describe a shirt. I call it an "A Shirt" and I urge my siblings and cousins to do the same. I think the pervasive use of the term to describe a shirt does in fact desensitize our culture and lessens the seriousness of? actual act of "wife beating" or domestic/family violence. Great vid!

  7. Plunsabug37
    Plunsabug37 says:

    so very serious. words are powerful and we have been? so conditioned to accept dysfunction. we need to elevate on every level, especially language. we can speak certain things into existence. influence is powerful also, we need to be more mindful of the little things. thanks for the vid. god bless

  8. pbg98pbgpbg98pbg
    pbg98pbgpbg98pbg says:

    Thats good. I like this video. I agree black folk need to stay away from? the use of words that dont promote positivity in our community. Like you said our history has been through some things, if one respects that then we need to be more aware of the words we are choosing and the words we are useing.
    big up to BLAM, much love.

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