Thank God I’m Married! “ET” The Hip Hop Preacher Breaks It Down!

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This is a video that was sent to us that is well worth watching.  If your relationship is less than rosy then it’s time for you to take ownership. Listen in as “ET” the Hip Hop Preacher breaks it down….

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  1. Terrence
    Terrence says:

    Continued…….Because of my dad I was motivated to get a full ride for Undergrad and Grad School. Because of my mom I am the strong Christian man that I am (she was the real spiritual leader in our home, even though my dad went to church with us). I think both parents are needed, and that's why no matter what goes on with my wife and I, I'm committed to my wife, my kids, and my community. Yes, a single parent (man or woman), can do a fantastic job, but I think the statistics do show that when both parents are present, it does help the kids even more. After this post, I'm going to start referring to my wife and myself as Franchise. God bless!

  2. Terrence
    Terrence says:

    I think this was a good post. I'm sorry that you felt a little hurt Emmme. I think every African American knows how strong A.A. women are. My dad got sick with M.S. when my brother and I were about 10/11 at N.H.B. Elementary School ;). My mom, my brother and I literally took care of him. My dad died when I was 15. I say this to say, my mom stepped up took care of us all, while being a Minister. Even with mom stepping it up, I think I missed out on a lot by my Dad not really being there. If my mom was gone, I would have missed out on a lot as well.

  3. Aiyana
    Aiyana says:

    I hear you emmme. I absolutely looove that "ET" challenges the men to take ownership. However, I wasn't feeling the "God Created Man FIRST therefore…" explanation either. Clearly, a lot of folks-Christians and otherwise believe in that teaching and there are many others, Christians and otherwise, who don't–including myself.

    However, I felt the message of ownership was a powerful one for men and women alike as you said. At the end of the day I think it's important for us to be clear about what we believe but not allow ourselves to get stuck and be divided because of our varying theological perspectives….but instead to remember that we have a common call and purpose in unifying and building strong and thorough families.

    Thanks for your comment. Point well taken. 🙂
    My recent post Thank God I’m Married! “ET” The Hip Hop Preacher Breaks It Down!

  4. emmme
    emmme says:

    These are good, strong words. But nothing you said was so male-specific that a woman couldn't use in her home. we have been "Franchise" moms from the beginning (in this country) and running it like jesse owens. I'm behind you 100% on calling on men to take ownership. But it was a little hurtful that you had to fall back on old "women as inferior beings" ideology to do it. Any single parent home, male- or female-headed, is at a disadvantage bc there's no backup or partner to pick it up when one person falls behind. that doesn't mean god put more effort into creating men. left a bad taste.

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