What Do You Think About Nancy Grace’s Defense Of Her Controversial Comments About Whitney Houston’s Death?

By Aiyana Ma’at

Did you hear what Nancy Grace said about Whitney Houston’s death? More specifically,  she made comments about the way that she died. She said  “I want to know who pushed her or let her slip under the water” It angered a lot of people because they feel that Nancy Grace was wildly speculating and that it was an inappropriate comment.


Nancy Grace defends her word in this clip but I, like many, feel that she really should have apologized. She may not have even meant to be insensitive but, if to her surprise, she finds out she was then just apologize! Making loose comments like she did is exactly how rumors get started in the first place.


I swear….the Ego is a huge monster to battle and Nancy Grace is letting her Ego get the the best of her right here in my opinion.


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Pastor Shirley Caesar’s audio is cut when she responds to Nancy Grace…

What do you think BLAM Fam?

4 replies
  1. Jacquelyn Marie
    Jacquelyn Marie says:

    Nancy Grace is Ghetto and extremely Tacky…I do what my Grandmother suggest. "consider the source from which it comes". She is a prime example of an "educated fool"!

  2. Dee
    Dee says:

    What I kept hearing from Nancy (paraphrasing) is that she is right and there could be no wrong to what she said. I have said some things that I later regretted, but I did not try to cover them up. She should have just said something to the degree of "My intentions were not to cause harm to anyone; please forgive me for my poor choice of words." Anything close to an apology would have been better than the way she is acting here.

    • Tyra
      Tyra says:

      Well said!

  3. Tonya Williams
    Tonya Williams says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous!!!

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