Why It’s Sooo Important To Kiss

When was the last time you took a moment to give your partner a passionate kiss?  Far too often we get away from remembering how important physical touch is to the health and vibrancy of our relationships that we can go days, weeks, months, and maybe even years without taking a pause and placing a passionate one on our partner’s lips.  Blam Fam..we do it every day and we hope this video serves as a gentle nudge encouraging you to incorporate a sweet kiss into each and every single day.  Pucker up : )

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  1. Radiance
    Radiance says:

    I love how you two keep it real, funny and relatable . Much love to you !

  2. Ivory
    Ivory says:


  3. ReelNice
    ReelNice says:

    Real Love

  4. Torie
    Torie says:

    I'm jealous : ) I want that !!!!!! Love yall fam.

  5. Lade Godiva
    Lade Godiva says:

    My husband and I have learned so much for you two and it's really helped our marriage. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  6. Sweet Hearted
    Sweet Hearted says:

    Aww lol his face was like don't stop:)!! I'm a young married women and I love y'all!!

  7. Debbie A
    Debbie A says:

    I love your relationship.. Y'all make me believe in love .. like true undiluted unadulterated love .. Wishing I can find me a man that will look at me the way your man does Ms. Aiyana.. You guys keep doing what you do. Love and blessings! xx

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