Women Like “Mr. BIG”…But That’s Not All They Want In Bed

By Bellaisa Filippis

Women like “Mr. Big” and what it has to offer them but there are many other parts of your body that women like, and want, as well.

You see men tend to think “Mr. Big”, and it’s size, is what matters most to a woman in bed and that the actual act of sex and how they use that “Mr. Big” is what every woman is waiting to get to ultimately. But this is not the case.

There are a lot of other things that women think about in bed besides “Mr. Big” and these are the things that a woman is craving and wants to be totally satisfied in bed.

They want to feel your hands caressing them – and not just on their breasts. Your touch is a huge turn on for woman. Why do you think a lot of woman talk about strong hands being a quality they look for in men? They are craving your touch. The lighter the touch the more electric it feels and the harder the touch the more passionate it feels.

They want to feel your lips kissing them all over their body – and not just on their breasts. Kissing equates to appreciating and loving in a woman’s mind and it’s another huge turn on. When you kiss their neck or shoulder or stomach they equate it with you pay attention to, and desiring, those body parts along with their whole body.

Of course kissing on the lips should always be done as for some woman it can be more passionate then the actual act of sex.

They also want to feel your tongue – and not just on their breasts. The power of a lick on the neck, arm, leg, and any other body parts that do not normally get licked is out of this world. It actually gives those butterfly feelings that you get when you first start dating someone and getting intimate.

Licking is often over looked but it is an essential add on to turn a woman on and increase her desire and passion.

So you see while “Mr. Big” is definitely looked forward to in one way or the other there are a lot of other things that women look forward to in bed as well, and if you are skipping these techniques and heading straight to the intercourse then you are missing out on a lot of things that a woman actually wants along the way.

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  1. Sea
    Sea says:

    People should always know about this regardless of gender…
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  2. alainadrew@appsforiphoneipad
    alainadrew@appsforiphoneipad says:

    I believe that the act of love making is depending the your chemistry. If you marry the man you love, even from his simple touch or simple stare, you’ll surely feel the electrifying effect of him. And when you make love, you will both feel like it is always the best.

  3. Jakki
    Jakki says:

    Its definitely not the size that counts, because if your large and you have no idea what to do with it, you could really damage a woman. The best part about sex in my opinion is the chemistry between two individuals, when you are in sync with each other, everything you mentioned above is automatic…When you Love a Man, I mean really love a man, and the energy between you two is electric; you could see him walk in the room and have an orgasm, and when he finally touches you its explosive… OMGoodness Sure do miss it!!! Missing My Baby RIP Terence

  4. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Gentlemen please pay attention. This post is on point. I love my mans' hands. His touch gives me tingly feelings in all the right places.

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