You Ever Tried Motivating Your Man To Find A J-O-B?

By Ruth Purple

Groucho Marx once said- “Behind every successful man is a woman.” I don’t know if this still holds true today, because personally, I have always believed that a person is responsible for his or her own success. But in cases where your man lost his job and morale, a little push from you is necessary. When your man is down and out, this is where you can test your supporting power to help him recover. A little inspiration and motivation can be a powerful thing to help your man back on track. Knowing the art of motivating him to look for a job without pressuring him is one key to help you survive this ordeal.

To motivate your husband find a job, here’s how.

* Be patient. You have to understand that it takes months to find a job nowadays. And if you have a natural instinct to press on him to find a job, then hold your tongue. Your husband might need some time to grieve about this loss; this usually takes a minimum of two weeks. So give him time. I’m sure that he’s constantly thinking about how to find a job, so don’t nag him more about it, instead, sympathize and support him during this time.

* Encourage. After the grieving phase is over, begin a positive conversation about opportunities. Most likely your husband would choose a different path or field from his previous career. Encourage his plans. If he wants to put- up a business, assist him with the feasibility study, or if he wants to go back to school or begin from the bottom of a new career, cheer on it.

* Focus. If he is having a hard time to find a job, it’s normal to feel disappointed or frustrated. Instead of feeling desperate about it, do something that can help your current situation, like cutting back on expenses, searching on the web about work opportunities, assisting on making an impressive resume and many more. The more you show negativity, the more you plague your situation.

* Be resilient. There is a big possibility that when he finds work, it will be on bad hours with less compensation than his previous career. Don’t get discouraged. Be willing to adjust with the situation, and be thankful with the opportunities that come by.

And speaking of opportunities, I know this is very hard to comprehend now, but this difficult time is an opportunity to decipher how strong and deep your relationship is. Believe me, your struggles are not futile, it has a purpose. And when your relationship survives this ordeal, nothing can shake your love for each other.


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  1. Amber
    Amber says:

    Easier said than done. It's difficult catering to your man's emotions when the mortgage is 2 months overdue. Every fibre of my being want to shout WORK DAMMIT WORK!!!

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