You Know He Loves You When…

By Ruth Purple

A woman’s love has always been so pure and unconditional. Nothing on this planet can compare with it. It is kind and compassionate, patient and nurturing, sweet and generous. Every man knows that when a woman falls in love, she will walk on water, climb the highest mountain, cross heaven and hell, no matter how her man acted out, no matter what crazy things her man has done. If a woman falls in love, she will talk to him until there’s no more words left to say, she will encourage him when he feels hopeless, she will cook him warm chicken soup and never leave his side when he’s sick, she will laugh with him when he is happy, and makes it a point to celebrate his success.


A woman’s love is truly a gift beyond comparison. A man who has captured a woman’s love is indeed a blessed man.


To a man, however, it’s a totally different story. A man may love you to death, but he will more than likely NOT prepare your bathtub or rub your feet while you soak in a warm bubble bath, unless it’s a super-duper special occasion. Their DNA is not made to do the “cheesysweetromanticlittlenothings” we, women are capable of. To expect that a man will show the same affection can lead to disappointments. To avoid certain complications in the matters of love and affection, here are the three BIG signs that a man is in love:


You know he loves you when he gives you a “title.”

When he introduces you to his friends, family and co-worker, he puts his ownership before your name. Example: “This is my girlfriend/my girl/ my woman/my wife/the love of my life, (your name)” This is his way of telling the whole world you belong to him and he belongs to you. This is also his way of sending a message to his fellow buddies to “stay away with this one or else…”


You know he loves you when he provides for you.

Men are trained to take care and provide for the woman he loves. It is in their inherent nature to take care of the people close to their heart. So when he will pick up the tab, he loves you. When he pays for the movie, he loves you. When he makes sure that the bills are paid, he loves you. When he makes sure that there’s food on the table, he loves you. Now, there are some instances that your man may go broke. He can’t offer to buy the groceries, but he will sure as hell make contributions to make your life easier. He will drive you to the grocery store, fix the sink, or makes sure the stove is working. If the car broke down and he doesn’t have enough cash, he will call/coerce/beg his best buds to help out.


You know he loves you when he protects you from anything that can harm you.

Men are territorial and intensely protective. They never want anything bad happening to the people and things that are valuable to them. When you walk down the street, he positions you on the safe side. When somebody tries to harass you, he will not think twice to punch the jerk on the face. Men naturally feel responsible if something bad happens to the people they loves, and as a result they will do anything in their power to protect them.


You see, your man may not give you a warm tepid sponge bath or cook you warm chicken soup when you’re sick, but he will make sure the prescription is filled- up and the doctor is giving you enough attention to make you well.


This is how you know he loves you.

The author of this article, Ruth Purple, is a successful Relationship Coach who has been helping and coaching individuals and couples for many years.

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  1. Spenser Avery
    Spenser Avery says:

    Good article. Re-Sending to some Ladies that NEED to hear (read) this. If you expect or worse put up with Less-Than. Then that is exactly what you will get. Again, Good Article!!

  2. LovingLost
    LovingLost says:

    what if he has done those things but now he says i love you but im not in love with you and i dont want a girlfriend but everytime he comes around we can talk laugh be around one another all day and he shows affection by cuddling and sit up watching tv or just talking i will be silent sometimes but i feel so loved. we have a child together.

  3. Tamisha
    Tamisha says:

    I don't think women give men enough credit for these things. And as a woman I sometimes feel that these things should be done anyway but this article shows me not to take these things for granted and appreciate my man for the small things he provides with.

  4. Ilexb
    Ilexb says:

    I think so many times these things are overlooked!

      CHARLES says:


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