Your Favorite African American TV Moms

The other day while reading I saw an article that listed 10 Favorite TV Moms.  I held my breath as I  clicked on the post because I was curious to see whether the list would depict black women in a positive light. Guess what…8 out of the 10 Moms listed were black and 5 of the 8 were married.  Question… do you feel like the roles of the below TV moms is a fair representation of black mother’s in America?  If so…what TV MOM do you most identify with.  I’ll tell you this…after reviewing the list from…one TV “MOM” should NOT have made the cut.  BLAM FAM…is this how your  Favorite Black TV Mom list would look?  Let us know what you think.

By Veronica Wells

In honor of the pending holiday, Madame Noire is going to celebrate our favorite mothers throughout the week. To kick things off we’ll start with our favorite moms from our favorite sitcoms. (Ooo a rhyme!) While these women are very different from one another, they all possess qualities that made us believe them in the mother role. Maybe you even saw a little of your own moms in the following women. Check it out.

Claire Huxtable (The Cosby Show)

Let’s just get the heavy hitter out of the way. No need to make you click all the way through the list. Claire Huxtable was the epitome of class. Not only was she a lawyer and a wife; Claire raised five children. What was best about Claire was that while she was refined, remember she’d break out her Spanish skills, she also kept it all the way real with her children.

Florida Evans (Good Times)

While the Huxtables were living in the lap of luxury with a lawyer and doctor in the house, Florida and James struggled in a major way. What was so inspiring about Florida is that she and James were down for each other throughout the worst circumstances. You never know what life is going to throw your way and it’s good to know you have a “ride or die” partner by your side.

Julia (Julia)

Black people across the country were starving for a role in which an African American didn’t have to play a maid. And then came Julia. We couldn’t do this list without her. Julia was classy, educated and she took care of her son by herself. She was widowed remember.  She was a refreshing change we gladly welcomed.

Mama Payne (Martin)

Every list needs a wild card and Mama Payne is ours. She wasn’t the most classy or the most kind but if nothing else we knew she had Martin’s back and would do anything for him. In an ideal world our own mother’s wouldn’t be crazy as all hell, like Mama Payne,  but we’d certainly want moms to look out for us.

Vivian (the first one) (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)

We have to give it up to Vivian. In the midst of raising her own children, she took in her nephew. That’s admirable. Like Claire Huxtable the first Vivian exuded an air of class that we appreciated. But like black mamas the world over she was quick to snap if anybody got out of order.

Tasha Mack (The Game)

Whether you love or loathe Tasha Mack, you have to admit the woman is entertaining. She definitely has had more than her fair share of hood moments; but there is something to be said about a woman who can raise a son by herself and get him to the league. Not only that Tasha was smart enough to capitalize on the relationships she was forming with all those athletes and start her own company.

Nikki Parker (The Parkers)

Nikki Parker was another single mother but no one can say she was not involved in her daughter’s life. In fact she might have been too involved. When Kim went off to college Nikki went right with her. While she might have stepped on Kim’s toes and embarrassed her chasing after Professor Ogelvee it’s nice that Nikki still got her education.

Rochelle (Everybody Hates Chris)

Rochelle was truly crazy. It didn’t take much to take her there. You knew when that face of hers started shape shifting, somebody was gon’ get it. (And it usually Chris.) I liked the depth to Rochelle’s character. Her family had to penny pinch but she had good taste and was always perpetrating like she was ghetto fabulous. We all know a woman like that.  I also like the dynamic between she and Julius. They bickered here and there but they really were a team in raising their children. I liked that and the moments she shared with Chris, you know, after she’d blown but before the ending credits rolled.

BLAM FAM…what African American TV Moms are missing from this list?

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  1. Tam Dee
    Tam Dee says:

    Weezy Jefferson & Helen Willis

  2. Toya Chisholm
    Toya Chisholm says:

    Thea!! Remember, where Brandy got her acting start?

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