Post image for How Do The Ma’at’s Stay Soooo Connected?…Because You Asked

VIDEO: A viewer wrote in asking us how we manage to stay so connected given the everyday “stuff” in life. Well, we feel that every couple that is in a happy and healthy relationship has a uniqueness about them that makes them work. Listen in as we share how we stay sooo connected and how […]


Post image for Dealing With Holidays & The In-Laws

How have you dealt with special days like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Easter, Memorial Day, and birthdays? Most of us might think only in terms of the way we grew up, perhaps with Mom and Dad, and expect these occasions to be celebrated the same way.   The only problem, now that you’re married, […]


Post image for I Choose To Fight For My Marriage: A Story About Facing Infidelity

By Terry Ross The crushing blow came after 10 years of marriage, infidelity had struck again. For society as a whole it was nothing new marriage after marriage is destroyed by infidelity but it’s different when it strikes so close to home. The first few days were the hardest the days after someone had felt […]


Post image for 5 Reasons Why A “Work Spouse” Is A Bad Idea….Especially When You’re Married.

By Ayize & Aiyana Ma’at If you’re not careful and intentional about guarding your marriage, working “closely” with a co-worker for five, six, or seven days a week can definitely cause some serious issues in your relationship.  Truthfully, there may be true chemistry between you and your colleague…a chemistry that feels like a distant memory […]

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Post image for What Happens When Boys Learn That It’s O.K. To Love

By Ayize Ma’at Recently I was invited to a high school in the Washington D.C. area to speak to a group of 11th grade boys about what is required to make relationships work.  To my surprise the majority of the group was engaged and appeared to be fixated on what I as the speaker represented. […]


Post image for You Don’t Look At Me Like You Used To

By Ayize Ma’at Remember the fireworks?  Remember anticipating the next time you saw his face.  Remember that certain look (exclusively reserved for you) that he gave you when you entered the room.  Remember those butterflies? What about those never ending phone calls (you hang up…no you hang up…no you hang up..until someone fell asleep).   Remember […]

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Healing Is A Process….Let’s Begin

Thumbnail image for Healing Is A Process….Let’s Begin October 17, 2014

By Ayize Ma’at While sitting across the room from a couple, I watched his fidgety movements shout an ensnaring tale capturing a 27 year history of hesitation.  His ambivalence didn’t begin with her….however she views herself as the VICTIM of his indecision, his restlessness, his wandering eye…his failure to fully commit to her.  Her pain […]

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Your Beliefs Are Holding You Back In Your Relationship

Thumbnail image for Your Beliefs Are Holding You Back In Your Relationship October 5, 2014

By Eve We often think that just because we believe something, it is the truth, which is not always the case. As you know, the majority of people prior to 1492 believed that the earth was flat. That belief turned out to be wrong. Many, many of our beliefs, about everything from science to society, […]

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Men, Women, & Intimacy: Different Genders Achieve It In Different Ways

Thumbnail image for Men, Women, & Intimacy: Different Genders Achieve It In Different Ways September 26, 2014

By Team BLAM Many people have concluded that men are less interested in intimacy and seek to avoid it. But maybe intimacy is in the eye of the beholder. There is little doubt that men and women naturally seek out different kinds of intimacy, but that’s different from saying that men are not interested in […]

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The ROUTINE: An Often Overlooked Enemy Of Your Marriage

Thumbnail image for The ROUTINE: An Often Overlooked Enemy Of Your Marriage September 25, 2014

By Daryl Campbell Remember the early days of your dating relationship? What a time you both had. It seemed like every moment you got together it was music, fun and excitement. Some of your family and friends even hated to see you coming because the two of you were so into each other it made […]

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