Post image for Ladies Stop All That Drama

Ladies…this video was not made to offend, but rather to inspire.  I believe that you have the capacity to have the relationship you want.  It’s easy to get caught up in the weeds…in the mess…in the DRAMA.  Sometimes we allow ourselves to get caught up because that’ the only existence we know.  Ladies, we want […]


Post image for How To Turn Conflict Into Connection

By Dr. Richard Nicastro “I really hate it when we argue…but I’ve also learned so much about my husband from our fights and we have a stronger relationship now.” ~Sandra, married seven years Even the most effective communicators get into spats now and then. And despite your best efforts at marital bliss, you and your […]


Post image for Aiyana’s Message: You Cannot Change What You Will Not Confront

  Aiyana Ma’at Speaks at Covenant Baptist United Church of Christ for Women’s Day 2014. Her message….You Cannot Change What You Will Not Confront. This message is so appropriate for this time of year as we go within…into the dark and beautiful stillness of Winter……into the dark and beautiful stillness of our minds and spirits […]


Post image for What Men Aren’t Saying About Sex-Part 1

By Ilex Bien-Aime When God created men and women, He had some serious jokes. We were made to be physically compatible and yet our anatomy’s tend to make our sex lives difficult. But sex goes beyond just the physical state, our mental state is just as important. There is always this preverbal tug-of-war between the […]


Post image for Let’s Make Love Tonight

Have you ever found yourself in a space where your mind says “I want some”… BUT your body says “I’m tired” OR “I don’t know what to do” OR “I don’t want to be rejected” OR “I’m not getting it started it’s his/her turn to initiate”?  Don’t worry, those feelings are normal.  We all have […]


Post image for Are You Committed? 3 Steps To Achieving Your Personal And Relationship Goals

Commitment….Commitment……Commitment. That’s the mantra in our household these days. Actually, commitment and discipline <—-that’s a big one. Why are we focusing so heavily on commitment right now? Because you’re dead in the water before you even begin—when you don’t have commitment. Simply put. Commitment is Crucial. Listen in as I explore why commitment is so […]


3 Reasons Why Black Folks Don’t Go To Therapy…

Thumbnail image for 3 Reasons Why Black Folks Don’t Go To Therapy…

By Tonya Ladipo There are many different ideas about why we don’t seek therapy. Some believe that it is only for wealthy, White people, others believe that you don’t go outside the family with your problems. Some of these thoughts keep us struggling more than we need to. Here are some of the more prevalent […]

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Why In The Hell Are We Always Arguing?

Thumbnail image for Why In The Hell Are We Always Arguing?

If arguments were all you saw and heard growing up then it may feel natural to argue a lot. Truthfully you might get a high, an adrenaline rush from the excitement that arguing brings. But whatever the cause, chronic arguing brings problems – and not just for the neighbors…BUT…for your relationship and your family. Yes, […]

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Dealing With Holidays & The In-Laws

Thumbnail image for Dealing With Holidays & The In-Laws

How have you dealt with special days like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Easter, Memorial Day, and birthdays? Most of us might think only in terms of the way we grew up, perhaps with Mom and Dad, and expect these occasions to be celebrated the same way.   The only problem, now that you’re married, […]

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6 Habits That May Prevent Him From “Coming Correct” In The Bedroom

Thumbnail image for 6 Habits That May Prevent Him From “Coming Correct” In The Bedroom

By Team BLAM Men feel pressure to perform in the bedroom.  PERIOD.  No man wants to be the “2 minute brotha”, “Mr. No Show”, or “Mr. Limp Biscuit”…NO MAN.  For many men their self image and masculinity is heavily tied to their virility. The feeling is that, this is a space in my life where […]

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