My Relationship Feels So Hopeless Sometimes I Feel Like DYING!

VIDEO: Good evening,
Thank you for all you do for us struggling couples out here 🙂
We are from Africa, leaving in the US for more than 10years. My husband was raised in a polygamist family and my parents divorced when I was 12. So needless to say, we really do not really have a good idea of what a sane relationship looks like.
We met while in high school. Got married 7 years ago and have 2 children.
My husband has been cheating on me since the beginning of our relationship. I can’t even recall how many times.  He is sweet most of the time but he has also told me some of the most devastating things I have heard so far ( you are useless in this house…I could have done much better without you…you do not support me…you are immature…all you do is receive receive receive…). I am only 30 y.o. but I feel used up, tired, ugly and worthless. I have a reached a point where I feel so worthless that I don’t even know what I want to do with my life, where I am going. I feel I have totally lost myself.
He says that I focus so much on his cheating that I lose sight of all the good things he does (hard worker, financial support mainly). For him, all men cheat and it does not mean anything else than sex. But it is killing me.
Am I crazy and immature?
Should I hang in there and do my best to save this marriage? Is marriage supposed to be that painful?
Sometimes I feel like dying…please help
Thank you.




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  1. D. Nisey
    D. Nisey says:

    Depression can be brought on by a strongly negative situation. If within it too long it can become part of the person. Going from clinical to chemical. ijs

  2. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    I swear yall need your own show because yall be breaking it down. I hope this sista takes heed

  3. PlentyStuffs
    PlentyStuffs says:

    I am from Africa myself and know where she is coming from. She needs to sort out her finances fast…once its done ..he will stop the bullshit.

  4. Brandi
    Brandi says:

    This video helped me so much! I just left one week ago today because of the very same thing 25 years of cheating on and off. My soon to be ex-husband told me the same thing. All men cheat, but took it step further and said and I quote "so you might as well just stay with me". This advice was great!!! I

  5. lady v
    lady v says:

    I pray that this sister is able to truely hear you. She did write to you, so maybe she still has some sense of self. People do treat you the way that you allow them to. When she learns that valuable lesson, she will begin to grow.

  6. Newman
    Newman says:

    Great advice especially the part when you focus in on the depression. Depression is a terrible state of mind to be in, so I think you gave great advice.

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