15 Signs That Say He Will Never Propose

By Aunt Becky

I get it. You’re ready to walk down the aisle in your puffy white dress and meet Mr. Right at the altar. Then you’ll waltz back down that aisle hand-in-hand and live Happily Ever After. That’s what you’re dreaming of, isn’t it?

But what happens if your would-be Mr. Right doesn’t pop the question? How will you know if that puffy white dress is in your future?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there are definite signs he won’t be asking for your hand. Here are a few of the clues your guy will not propose — now, soon, or ever …

1) He shudders when you bring up marriage — anyone’s marriage.

2) He refers to marriage as “death” or “an outdated institution.”

3) Whenever anyone else announces their engagement, he tells them why they shouldn’t get married.

4) He’s up-to-date on ALL the divorce statistics and likes to quote them at random.

5) He says that he’s happily UN-married to anyone who ever asks about wedding bells. When asked about marriage, he responds, “I’m married to my job — what else could I want?”

6) He’s big into traveling for work (see #5).

7) He hangs with other single dudes — a lot of them. Guys who want to get married generally have at least some married friends, it’s true. His friends? Happy bachelors.

8) He’s not interested in having you meet his family. Guys introduce their girlfriends to their families when they’re really serious about them. When they’re not, they don’t.

9) Sure, he talks about his future, but you’re never in those plans.

10) He’s entirely uninterested in YOUR future plans too.

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