20 Easy Ways To Score Points With Your Woman

by Aiyana Ma’at Little things make a big difference. Oftentimes, men forget about and stop doing the little things. They may focus on (what they see as) BIG things to express their love like say….paying the bills. 🙂 But, women need many expressions of love in a relationship to be fulfilled. One or two acts of love ain’t gonna cut it. So, men check out this list and make a mental note of these things and women chime in…What other ways can our men score points with us?

#1 Validate her feelings when she is upset.

#2 Plan a date several days in advance, rather than waiting for Friday night and asking her what she wants to do.

#3 When she asks for support, say yes or no without making her wrong for asking.

#4 When she talks to you, put down the magazine, your phone, or turn off the TV and give her your full attention.

#5 Let her know when you are planning to take a nap or leave.

#6 Tell her “I love you” at least a couple of times every day.

#7 Take her side when she is upset with someone.

#8 Make a point of cuddling or being affectionate sometimes without being sexual.

#9 Be patient when she is sharing. Don’t look at your watch.

#10 Create occasions when you  can both dress up.

#11 Notice how she is feeling and comment on it—“You look happy today” or “You look tired”—and then ask a question like “How was your day?”

#12 Pay more attention to her than others in public.

#13 When she prepares a meal, compliment her cooking.

#14 Touch her with your hand sometimes when you talk to her.

#15 Whenever you need time to yourself, let her know you will be back or that you need some time to think about things.

#16 If she generally makes dinner or if it is her turn and she seems tired or really busy, offer to make dinner.

#17When going out, ask if there is anything she wants you to pick up at the store, and remember to pick it up.

#18 Make the bed and clean up the bedroom.

#19 When you are out of town, call to let her know you arrived safely.

#20 Ask her to add her thoughts to this list.

Allright, add to this list! Let’s keep the love and the learning going!

Excerpted From John Gray’s Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.

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  1. @7MinMinistries
    @7MinMinistries says:

    Ok so how do women score points with men? Us men need some loving too 😉

  2. Lela
    Lela says:

    In reference to #3, can someone please give me an example of when she asks for support and a man says no? Other than that, this list is great.

    • Ayize
      Ayize says:

      Honey can you give the children a bath tonight?

      Wrong: Can you see I'm in the middle of something? You're always asking me to give the kids a bath….I've got enough on my plate as it is.

      Right: Sorry Baby I can't do it tonight but what I can do is give them one first thing in the morning if you'd like.

      • Delon
        Delon says:

        Well said.

  3. Rasheed
    Rasheed says:

    What the fvck is this?! Ain't no man doing that!

    • Erika
      Erika says:

      You ain't doing that….that's why you ain't got no woman LOL

  4. LaWanda
    LaWanda says:

    Nice suggestions that do not involve anything but time and consideration. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Carter Anderson
    Carter Anderson says:

    I've seriously got to work harder on #18. I would also like to add – learn how to give a foot massage. And once you learn, give them every now and again WITHOUT BEING ASKED.

  6. Brooke
    Brooke says:

    These ring so true for me. Good stuff!

  7. Osaremi
    Osaremi says:

    #21 Be attentive to her, and don't let it fizzle over time
    #22 Anticipate what she needs
    #23 Always be emotionally avaible with her
    #24 Give her a kiss on the check or forehead before leaving
    #25 Don't leave when you get in an argument
    #26 Include her in all parts of her life
    #27 Tell her how you feel often
    #28 Ask her how she feels
    #29 Treat her BETTER then you want someone to treat her mother or daughter
    #30 Ask her questions about her day
    #31 Ask her what she needs you to do to help when you are getting ready to go somewhere and she is running late
    #32 Communicate, communicate, communicate

  8. Latisha
    Latisha says:

    Give the kids a bath and put them to bed. Basically, "handle them" for the evening so I can relax!

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