4 Communication Techniques To Help You Talk To Your Man

By Ruth Purple

A lot of women find themselves getting frustrated over the fact that it’s hard to get their message across to their man. She says one thing, and he does another. Do men and women actually speak the same language? Can they really communicate? The answer is yes, here are 4 simple communication techniques when talking to a man.

1. When verbally communicating with your man, tone down your body language. That’s because guys have trouble processing body language and words at the same time. This is one of the communication techniques every woman should remember. This explains why your man drifts away to oblivion when you are being a drama queen.

2. Sit side by side when you want him to catch your drift. This is one of the effective communication techniques on how to get your message across. The best solution is not to look directly at him, where he can get distracted by your elaborate body movements and facial expression. Just make sure that when you are sitting side by side, he is not looking directly at the television or anything that can distract his attention.

3. Go straight to the point. Does this sound familiar? “Do you remember my friend, Ashley? The one who just broke up with her nasty boyfriend last Christmas? She’s been feeling down lately, she’s been having a high fever for the past two days. Can you pick me up later in the office at around six and drive me to her place? Poor thing, I hope she’s feeling better. I can’t imagine being in her place, being all alone with a high fever and a broken heart. Anyway, see you later.” This is one of the ineffective communication techniques that you can do. If you talk like this to your husband or boyfriend, then don’t be surprise if he totally forgot about your appointment. That’s because men strive to simplify the information by focusing on important details.

4. Focus on the essential information. In connection with the number 3 rule, if you want your man to remember something, tell him only the important details (where, when, etc) without extraneous information, for example: “Office, 6pm, see you.”

With the idea that men and women “speak different languages” has become a dogma itself, there’s no harm in trying this communication techniques to get your message across.

The author of this article, Ruth Purple, is a successful Relationship Coach who has been helping and coaching individuals and couples for many years. You can see more of her work at www.relazine.com


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    Going straight to the point is very important when communicating because it can help you and your partner to get in touch with. however, it is not easy to get straight to the point because it can lead you to worst argumentation.
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