I Thought I Married A Psychic

VIDEO: One of the unspoken and unreasonable expectations we have in our relationships is that our partner possess the ability to read our minds……and we get upset when they can’t or don’t. That is so unfair! However, hidden beneath the surface of this expectation is the raw emotional need for intimacy. Listen in as the Ma’at’s discuss how unreasonable it is to expect him or her to read your mind…yet it’s completely reasonable for him or her to pay focused attention to you so that they can get an in depth understanding of how your mind, body, and spirit work.

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  1. Mrs.BJ
    Mrs.BJ says:

    My problem is the exact opposite when I express what on my mind my spouse tells me that thats not what I was thinking he also tells me what he thinks I was thinking and when I say you are way off he disputes it and that he has been living long enough to know how to read people and I am thinking something else. We are having labor induced and he told me his mother thinks Im doing this because I have other things lined up and he said well you said you are going to do you after the baby and when I explained that I mean getting back to work and pursuing my dreams this year began to argue and tell me I meant something else because of what others usually mean when thet say it. Im not other people and Im tired of being gropued in with them becasue he thinks he is a mind reader so know I don't share much because the things I share get twisted he even brings up things from my past that happened 10 years agao to say this is what you want now and this is what you mean because you told me that back then this is what happened so I know what you mean.

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