4 Reasons Why Women Leave Men

By Paula Snyder

1.  Being too controlling

You may not have even considered yourself as the controlling type, but women sometimes see this differently. Maybe you get jealous of her friends, or tell her not to spend so much time with her friends. You tell her she spends too much money. You tell her that her house is not clean enough. You hinder her from going somewhere she has plans to go. More than anything, you tell her where and when she should go out.

She had a life before you came into the picture and she can still manage her own time and money without your help. There are situations in which she may want your input or advice, but otherwise, do not be pushy with advice or demands. Instead of demanding time, ask for it, give her space and let her make her own decisions.

2. Being too critical.

A little constructive criticism can be positive. Although suggestions are generally considered acceptable, particularly if she asks for them, putdowns and negative are unacceptable in her eyes. Constantly correcting her will make her feel nitpicked and self-conscious. Smart women know that they should not spend time with a man who puts her down.

You must treat her with kindness and respect at all times, and only give her advice if she asks for it.

3. Not having a life of your own.

Maybe you sulk when she tells you that she has plans to go out with her friends. Women interpret this as being needy. It is a popular belief that women are clingy and needy, however, men do the same thing. For any relationship to be healthy each partner must have his or her own life.

Make it obvious that your career is important. She wants your job to be important to you, and she is proud of your success and wants you to do well. On the other hand, if you start staying late at work, and canceling dates or if you are constantly hanging out with your coworkers after work hours, she will get ideas about your priorities.

Although a woman appreciates a focused and ambitious man, she also expects you to make time for her. This behavior will make her feel neglected, and she will feel like you do not have time for her, and she feels if you really love her then making time for her should be something you want to do. She also knows that if you do not want to make time for her, that someone else will.

4. Being judgmental of her friends and family.

You have to understand that these people are important to her and that she will be very defensive about them. Try to see the good things in them, you might actually start to like them, avoid confrontation with them. Do your best to get along with those closest to her. It will pay off in the long run.

If your girl has or is falling away from you, you can get her back. Learn more about the secret ingredient a woman requires in a serious relationship and if you give it to her, she will never leave. It’s never too late to get her back, no matter what mistakes you have made.

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  1. Gary
    Gary says:

    At the end of the post it says "It's never to late to get her back regardless of what mistakes you've made,however when does simply doing wrong fall into the category of mistakes? Like cheating.

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