5 Common Marriage Issues

Relationships are tough. Marriages, however, can be even tougher! Many fail for the most trivial of reasons, while others remain strong in the face of adversity. There is no mathematical formula or complex algorithm to determine which marriages will succeed, but the general consensus is that patience, trust and love are some of the key factors in long-lasting marriages. Don’t think that once you reach a certain point, however, that a marriage is plain sailing. Some couples have been known to go their separate ways even after decades of marriage. But why is this?

Let’s have a look at five common issues that married couples may face:


Believe it or not, money is a major cause of arguments and misunderstandings between married couples. Who earns what, how are bills divided and what type of bank accounts are held can all be factors that create friction in a marriage. This is especially true if one half of the marriage conceals any financial activity from the other and it eventually comes to light. Issues such as this cause trust problems and can in-turn arouse more suspicion in other areas of the marriage.

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Years of marriage and the birth of children can take their toll on married couples. It is often the case that the sexual spark is weaker than it used to be and intimacy can become a real taboo issue for couples.  Furthermore, intimacy problems do not just stem from awkwardness or “Not tonight. I’ve got a headache” type conversations. They may be fuelled by one partner’s inability to perform in the bedroom. Fortunately, however, help nowadays is readily available with companies such as Prolong offering great solutions for restoring sexual confidence in men.


Despite years of marriage, communication is still very much a deciding factor in how successful a relationship is. If one partner is reluctant to talk about something, then it may be for a very good reason. It is up to their spouse to be supportive and not force the issue or persistently pry for information. Often, a heart-to-heart talk will ensue anyway, so better to let it occur naturally and be understanding when it does.


Children are obviously a huge part of a marriage and bring much joy and happiness. However, they can also be the cause, through no fault of their own, for disagreements. Simple things like rules, rewards, punishments and activities can be common sources of tension. This is why having children should be a decision that is not considered lightly, as the effect they have on a marriage is enormous. It may even be the case that time spent with a child causes jealousy in a marriage and unhealthy feelings evolve.

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Parents-in-law are a factor in every marriage and often the cause of many disagreements. When a person gets married, they should be prepared to move from their family to their spouse and not use the former as a retreat when things aren’t going smoothly. A fair and reasonable frequency of communication and visits with in-laws should be agreed upon and special occasions like Christmas should either be all or none affairs. Parents-in-law will always have their opinions on a marriage, but that’s all they are and so they should not be deciding factors when it comes to happiness.